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More Strong Voices to Represent the Entheogens

entheogens, Allan Watts, eff the ineffable

To borrow from Alan Watts, our collective intention is to “eff the ineffable and unscrew the inscrutable.” And as mentioned on the the About statement on the conference home page, our aim is also to deepen the conversation on sane and sustainable use of these remarkable entheogenic plants and substances. As many have experienced for […]

SPMC 2014: More Brilliant Speakers

As I write this, the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference is barely more than a week away. For anyone seeing this blog post before having read any of the eight previous ones, the conference is bringing together nearly twenty authoritative voices from near and far with the intention of sharing and discussing essential information about the […]

Radical Reconnection

Dennis McKenna at Banyen Books & Sound

Please allow me to explain the title. Let’s take “reconnection” first. Last year, several months ahead of the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (SPMC), I had a phone conversation with a friend and elder in the peyote prayer way of the Native American Church. I asked her about her take on what we should consider the […]

Plant Wisdom and the Sacred Feminine

The Feminine

Greetings all. This is the seventh blog post featuring different aspects of and presenters at the upcoming Spirit Plant Medicine Conference,, to be held at UBC Oct. 24-26. The previous six can be viewed here. In case you haven’t checked it out, the presentation schedule for the conference has been up since last week […]

Gathering of the Entheogenic Clans

Although “clans” may not be the perfect metaphor in this case, it serves the purpose of underlining the importance of gathering the loose community of all those connected to the development of work with entheogenic plants and substances. Laying it Down with Dennis McKenna Last week, on October 1st, Andrew Rezmer and Stephen Gray conducted […]

Sustainability, Set and Setting

Greetings from the writing dungeon on behalf of the fourth annual Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (SPMC), scheduled for Oct. 24 to 26 at UBC in Vancouver, BC, Canada. There are several pre-conference events coming up very soon. Rather than list them here again, please refer to the SPMC website second and third blog post for […]