Monthly Archives: October 2015

Just Added at the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference

We have two exciting new additions to the conference 1. We’ve just added a special presentation on Sunday Oct. 25. Donnie Blaikie is a longtime roadman (ceremony leader) in the Native American Church (NAC). At 12:30 in the lecture hall Donnie will reprise a presentation that was enthusiastically received at the conference three years ago. […]

More Brilliant Presenters at the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference

Sunday (Oct. 25) will be packed with remarkable presenters; shamanic, spacious music; a delicious vegan lunch courtesy of Eternal Abundance; and more opportunities to develop connections with fellow participants. Here’s what’s on for the day. Devon Christie, MD will begin the day by sharing her experience-based insights on “deep healing” with entheogens. Therapeutic work with […]

SPM Conference, Cannabis, and Canada’s Election – a crucial connection

Hmm, odd linkage perhaps? Here’s the connection: The intention driving the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (Vancouver, Oct. 24, 25) is to provide a container and a community to deepen and extend knowledge and practice with entheogenic medicines for individual and collective healing and consciousness transformation. One of those medicines is cannabis. Although the herb is […]


roots, ancestors, spirit, radical reconnection

This is the “and spirituality” side of Cannabis and Spirituality. Despite much misuse and misunderstanding, cannabis, among its benefits, is in fact a spirit medicine, an entheogen, when it is treated with respect as the holy herb and used skillfully. Cannabis has been addressed at each of the previous four Spirit Plant Medicine Conferences (SPMC) […]