Dr. Dominique Morisano, CPsych, is a clinical psychologist and Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto and University of Ottawa. She has received training in psychedelic therapies from multiple institutions, including the Certificate in Psychedelic Assisted Therapies and Research program at the California Institute for Integral Studies, MAPS MDMA Therapy Certificate, and the Ketamine Training Center. She served in executive leadership at the psychedelic therapy company Field Trip Health for 2 years, and currently runs a trauma/addiction-focused private practice in both New York and Toronto, which includes in-person ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

She also acts as an Advisor, Trainer, and Consultant for several institutions in the psychedelic therapies space and teaches in the Psychedelics and Spirituality Microprogramme at the University of Ottawa and the Vital Program at Psychedelics Today. She sits as a Board member for the Alchemy Community Therapy Center (formerly Sage Institute), a nonprofit psychedelic therapy training and service center focused on equitable, accessible care. She is also a part-time Integration Lead and co-facilitator with Beckley Retreats. Lastly, she is a co-Founder and Chair of the Board of nonprofit Psychedelics R2R, which was behind the 2022 hybrid psychedelics research conference “From Research to Reality: Global Summit on Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Medicine”. She is dedicated to social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion in the psychedelic space and the study/use of psychedelic-assisted therapies for both personal growth and addressing human suffering. Her website is drmorisano.com.

Dr. Dominique Morisano, CPsych

Clinical Psychologist (NY, ON: Child, Adolescent, Adult)

Adjunct Professor, University of Toronto

Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa

Affiliate Scientist, CAMH

Visiting Scholar, Rotterdam School of Management (EUR)

Co-Founder, From Research to Reality: Global Summit on Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Medicine (R2R2022)