Joshua Wickerham at the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference at UBC Oct 24-26, 2014Joshua Wickerham is Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Ethnobotanical Stewardship Council(ESC), a nonprofit devoted to transforming lives by assuring the sustainability and safe use of traditional plants and enriching the communities who work with them. The ESC’s flagship project is the Ayahuasca Dialogues, which is building consensus toward an Ayahuasca Agreement on the sustainability and safe use of this traditional medicine. The ESC is also working with stakeholders to explore and eventually develop Plant Dialogues for other other species like Iboga, Peyote, Kratom, Cannabis, and medicinal plants generally. Joshua specializes in designing and implementing transparent and credible community-led international governance systems that balance economic growth with social and environmental sustainability. For more than ten years, he has worked around the world with government, corporate, and nonprofit partners to advance this sustainable development work. Recent projects include work with Botanical Dimensions, MAPS, UNEP, WWF,UNCTADDotEco, and the ISEAL Alliance and its members (which include standards like Fairtrade, FSC,Rainforest Alliance and others). Joshua has a degree in history from the University of Michigan and masters in international relations from the University of California San Diego. He speaks and reads fluent mandarin Chinese, advanced Spanish, and elementary Thai. In his spare time, Joshua tends an Urban Micro Garden at his home in Thailand and explores historical Chinese ethnobotany.