“Plant Technology: Shipibo Cosmovision”.

Marco Sánchez is a practitioner and researcher of plant technology. He assists in facilitating healing trough the teachings of shipibo cosmovision technology from the Amazon. Marco has been practicing and learning for over 17 years and has facilitated retreats across the world – Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, and Peru. Marco started his path at the age of 17 learning from the tradition of Mexican teachings from the Temazcal peyote and psilocybin rituals. For the past 14 years his main focus has been on plant technology from the Amazon. Marco has been training in integration therapy, psychology family constellation, process work, and has also facilitated healing work to people with addictions, chronic pain, and cancer.

Marco will be joined by teachers,  Fernando Mahua and Delsy Ramirez from the Shipibo Cónibo of the Mahua lineage