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UBC Psychedelic Society

We are a group of passionate individuals who recognize the ability of psychedelic substances to facilitate altered states of consciousness that are invaluable for therapy and personal growth, as well as for enriching many fields of scientific and intellectual inquiry. We would like to promote an unbiased, fact-based discussion of these substances centered around their application to areas such as psychiatry, clinical psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and sociology, and aim to help further the 21st century psychedelic renaissance.

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The Use Of Visionary/Healing/Awakening Plants


Such as ayahuasca, psilocybe mushrooms, iboga, peyote, cannabis, huachuma (San Pedro), and semi-synthetic substances like LSD and MDMA—is spreading rapidly during this period of intensified change.
These allies may be the most direct and effective teachers many of us have now when we meet them in the best of conditions (set and setting) and are able to integrate the insights and openings into our daily lives.