Centre for Wholeness & Well Being is a registered charity with Revenue Canada. At CFWW, we are dedicated to helping you heal, letting go of the past, and discovering the truth of who you are and what you want. Our work integrates time honored sacred earth medicines with evidence-based practices, lifestyle and relationship coaching.
We guide our clients to heal soul wounds and help them create a life that they are proud to live. The Centre’s programming is unique in the way we see the whole person, meeting the person where they are at, and setting out individualized healing paths.
Our Recovery model integrates evidence-based practices for the body, coaching in understanding the mind and deep connection in healing of the soul. We follow traditional practices when working with sacred medicines to encourage the healing guidance of medicine spirit.
Both Ryan and Sue are Missoko Bwiti Initiates and we honor the tradition and teachings as we guide clients to see where in their life they can release attachment to destructive patterns and how to take radical responsibility for themselves.
Ryan has journeyed the path of addiction and walks with his clients on their path to sobriety. Ryan incorporates 5MeO-DMT as an effective addiction pattern interrupter which is used to help a client get outside the addiction, preparing them for the deep and transformational healing of the Centre’s recovery and mental wellbeing programs.
Sue is a Missoko Bwiti trained Iboga provider who understands the importance of following the traditional Bwiti practices when working with Iboga to encourage the healing help of the medicine’s spirit. By adhering to Iboga rituals that are thousands of years old, clients also benefit from wisdom passed down from Bwiti ancestors that ensures safety when using this powerful plant medicine.
Our hope is our individualized programs can end your healing journey so that you can focus on enjoying the gift of life and being fully present in it.
**Disclaimer: The Information provided by Centre for Wholeness & Well Being  has not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. Information and services should not be construed as medical advice. Our information, related thoughts, methods and services are spiritual in nature and are reflective of our beliefs; and therefore, not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition, or to replace appropriate medical or professional attention or advice where needed. Centre for Wholeness & Well Being, Ryan Snow, Sue Snow and/or practitioners do not provide medical help and strictly advise to consult and seek medical help in case of making or taking any health decision.