Affiliates, Partnerships, and Vendors


We are looking for Affiliates, Community Partnerships,  and Volunteers!!

If you have skills and positive energy you would like to share with our conference, we would love your help! Please click here to view what we are asking for help with and what we have to offer in exchange! Please fill out an application form and answer a few short questions and someone will be in touch with you! You can email Celina directly by sending in your application form to

Tables for Vendors:

Businesses that offer services and products related to our conference topics are welcome to buy tables that will be positioned within the Conference Lobby Space.

For-Profit Rate: $600 (includes TWO tickets and table)

Non for Profit Rate: $300 (includes ONE ticket and table)

For all Inquiries, Call 604-435-5555

or 604- 644 4447