The 2022 Spirit Plant Medicine Conference is Complete! What a wonderful weekend it was! 

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The Spirit Plant Medicine Conference 2022

The Role of Psychedelics for a Planet in Transition

Life on planet Earth is changing faster than most of us could possibly have imagined only a few short years ago. The need for new (and ancient) visions of wisdom and compassion is greater than ever. When understood and used in optimal conditions and effectively integrated into the daily walk, the psychedelic, sacramental healing and awakening plants and related substances are arguably the most potent allies and tools available to struggling humanity in these tumultuous times.

But these powerful substances are not the story itself. At their best they are in service of this overarching vision and urgent need for a “turning of the wheel.” We at the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference are passionately committed to providing a platform for the sharing of insight and wisdom toward this vision and prayer for humanity, for all inhabitants of the planet, and for the Earth itself.

To that end, we have been bringing leading influencers in fields related to psychedelics and consciousness change to Vancouver, Canada for 11 years. Over the course of that time we have learned from the presenters and participants themselves that this is a rare and special conference that has not only generated great information, inspiration, and community-strengthening connections, but has evoked a remarkable, empowering heart quality among those attending.

You are warmly invited to join us for this seminal and potentially life-altering event, for yourself and for all our relatives on the beautiful blue planet.

The Spirit Plant Medicine Team.

2022 Presenters


One of the defining and all but unique features of the beloved Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, now in its 11th year in Vancouver, Canada, is its diversity and its range of perspectives on psychedelics and consciousness transformation. Each year we have a more or less equal balance of female and male presenters with significant indigenous and BIPOC representation. Our speakers have included influential ceremonialists, therapists, philosophers, visionary mystics, advocates, activists, and academics – always with a keen eye on sharing “actionable” information and inspiration for individual and collective healing for a planet in transition.

As of now (late September), our speaker roster for this year is all but complete. We have indigenous representation from Belinda Eriacho, (Dine’ (Navajo) and A:shiwi (Zuni)); Hereditary Haida Chief Guujaaw; Ariana Fotinakis (Anishnaabe/Greek); Canadian indigenous elder Phil Lane Jr; Francine Douglas (Sto:lo/Tsimshian); Wixárika elders Miguel Carillo and don Rafael Pizano from Mexico; and African American force of nature Hanifa Nayo Washington. 
Accompanying them are the likes of legendary anthropologist and recipient of the Order of Canada Wade Davis; deep psychonautic visionary Chris Bache; Dr. April Liu; beloved psychedelic elder Dennis McKenna; scientific mystic and wizard Dr. Bruce Damer; internationally known author and speaker Jamie Wheal; legendary anthropologist and author of books like the iconic DNA and the Cosmic Serpent Jeremy Narby; leading San Pedro cactus spokespeople Laurel Ann Sugden and her Peruvian husband Josip Orlevac; Selma Holden MD from northeastern U.S; and highly-regarded (sorry, no pun intended) cannabis educators Josh Sarvis and Kelly Dunn of Dragonfly Earth Medicine.

This remarkable group will be joined by master soundscape musician Theda Phoenix; singer/songwriter Vanessa Le-Fan Yuen; and Shine Edgar and Curtis Andrews, two of the best “World Music” artists anywhere.

And, there will be lunch-hour mini-workshops on both Saturday. Details forthcoming.



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Covid Plan

We at the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (SPMC) always put the benefit and the well-being of our guests first and foremost. In regard to Covid protocols, we will honour and adhere to local, provincial, and federal regulations. The SPMC will again be held at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, whose policies we will follow respectfully.

As everyone knows, the course of this pandemic has been unpredictable. The main authority for Covid regulations is the provincial government of British Columbia. As of mid-April, mask and vaccine card requirements have been removed, except in sensitive environments like hospitals and other medical facilities.

This development may bode well for our conference in November. However, we will post updates anytime conditions change. The SPMC has a decade-long reputation for integrity. If (heaven forbid) reinstated Covid restrictions force us to shift the conference to online only, we will provide either transfers/price adjustments to the Virtual Event, which will go ahead as scheduled, credit or refund.

Important note to our attendees: No doubt you know that this Covid situation has been divisive, with some people adamantly opposed to vaccines and even mask wearing. We have the utmost respect for all our guests. We expect the same from our attendees if Covid still has a small presence in November and some participants choose to wear masks at the conference. We have a big vision to support. There is no space for sidetracks and distractions from the urgent mission to help people awaken and participate in “The Turning of the Soil” as one or our indigenous presenters put it.


The Spirit Plant Medicine Team


SPMC and Conscious Living Network are not endorsing any specific guest or ideologies through this event. With any of the presenters involved, it is important to understand these are independent speakers with reputations of their own.

We are offering the forum to explore ideas and understandings about plant based intelligence and healing and would like to encourage participating guests to empower themselves through these discussions and through the information available. This is for security’s sake, and also to honor the diversity of cultures and perspectives in relationship to the plants and the people who work with them. Thank you.