Dr. Osiris García Cerqueda is an Indigenous Mazatec historian and sociologist from
Huautla de Jiménez, Oaxaca, Mexico. From a very young age, he has dedicated himself to
the study of the history of his community and the practice of the ancestral ritual with
psilocybin mushrooms, of which Maria Sabina was renowned. In recent years, reciprocity
and restorative justice are the basis of his work of conducting a needs assessment in his
community and developing activities to strengthen the Mazatec bioculture. He is the author
of the book Huautla tierra de magia, de hongos y hippies [Huautla land of magic,
mushrooms, and hippies] (2014) and the independent magazine, Mirador Mazateco (2010–
2015). In the last year, he has participated in international events (MAPS Psychedelic
Science, 2023; Parliament of World Religions 2023; Horizons PBC, 2023), sharing his
knowledge of Mazatec culture and rituals with psilocybin mushrooms. Osiris seeks to raise
awareness about the impact of the Global North on the Mazatec people in this new wave of
the psychedelic renaissance.