THANK YOU for hearing the call to be a part of one of the longest running and biggest psychedelics conference in Canada! We are grateful to be working on this project with you, together as ONE. This is going to be our biggest and best conference yet, so thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and willingness to serve. We are grateful to have you on the team.

One of the most integral parts of making this conference come to life are the volunteers – People like you who appreciate learning, growing and serving! Events take a lot of work, and with a solid team of like minded people coming together to create a memorable experience for all, to make it an even more enjoyable experience.

We are at an extremely important time in Human Evolution. The sharing of knowledge and mindfulness around plant medicines for healing and transformation is one of the fastest ways we can create positive change in ourselves and the planet. We are so grateful to have you as a volunteer, spreading the word and letting people know that this information is available to the world.

We want to explain as clearly as possible what you can do to assist in making the SPMC a success. Below is a list of responsibilities we are asking from you. Please feel open and free to suggest ideas you think would make a better impact at the conference.

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Basic Volunteer Responsibilities:
  • We ask that all volunteers who are volunteering on the weekend be present, in charge, and available for the entire event
  • Neat and approachable appearance – Smile, be warm and friendly, and solution oriented
  • Create and maintain a clean and safe environment
  • Under no circumstance do you provide/give anything to an attendee such as aspirin/pain killers, supplements, medicines etc., other than water.
  • Treat all people with respect and care at all times. Speakers, guests, attendees, staff, students etc.
  • It’s a great space to socialize and have great conversations and connections – We encourage it! Please be mindful – you are a volunteer and NOT a guest. Please remember to always be aware of your role to support the guests and event first. We are counting on you to be in service during the entire conference.


Roles/Duties at the Conference:

  1. Registration/Customer Service and greeters (10 people Friday Afternoon, Saturday/Sunday Morning) Registration will be our busiest and most active “resolution” time
  2. Decor (3-5 people) Needed for nest/ceremonial space set up- creating altar, essential oils and arranging the space neatly etc..
  3. Door Keepers (all volunteers are responsible for 1 or 2 shifts at the doors during presentations and preventing them from slamming shut-times will be pre-determined)
  4. Ushers/Room Support
  5. Sound/video/Stage Manager
  6. Timer (look for electronic monitor on stage)
  7. Food/Refreshment Liaison – Communicate/organize with venue staff.
  8. Vendor Liaison
  9. Area Runner – Vehicle Support, errands supplies etc
  10. Drivers – car service for speakers (airport/venue/accommodation pick up and drop off)
  11. Speaker Liaison (2 person)
  12. Sunday clean up and tear down (WE need to be packed up and moved out quickly and efficiently. It will be quick and easy when everyone helps.
  13. The team is to be on the watch for any garbage or spills and help keep the environment clean and safe. If there’s anything that needs attention, take care of it immediately or find someone who can. In emergencies situations let Team Leads immediately.
  14. Medical/First Aid
  15. Social Media
  16. Photography
  17. Zoom Room concierge’s
  18. Free Livestream chat monitor

During the conference, all volunteers are asked to watch the conference in the Crew Section (back row-as available) of the auditorium. It is important to stay in this section so that we can easily find you should we need your help. Please carry your phone on you so you can manage your time and be on schedule for specific duties. We will use phones to communicate within the team via a FB group or Similar App.

There will also be a private space set up for the volunteers, for breaks, quiet time, meals etc. Healthy snacks and refreshments will be provided. Please make sure you eat and drink lots of water during the weekend. If anyone wants to bring a dish to share to create more variety and delicious food to share with the crew, please do. 🙂


Sharing the SPMC

Please share the conference with as many people as you can, both in person to whomever you think would be interested in learning more about healing with plant medicine. (You will be provided with your own personal link to earn commissions for your referrals). This also means through your social media~ By now you should have clicked “attending” the SPMC of Facebook already. Be sure to invite your friends!  This is important in creating a strong social media campaign. Please share on all your Social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat.

This means clicking “like” to as many conference posts as you feel comfortable liking. The more we share each other’s posts, the stronger our conference will become by having a large organic reaction. We want as many people as possible to be posting and liking conference related material so that we can create an even bigger BUZZ online.

Ways to support with Facebook, Instagram:

  • Liking all posts on SPMC group and event pages
  • Share and Invite friends to the event
  • Posting our event (with your link) on difference psychedelic pages. There are many different pages you can like and post on
  • It will help if you add each other as friends so you can see what others are up to. Please support each other in liking and sharing each other’s posts.


Ways to support on Twitter:

  • Share each others posts, use hashtags and link up to create stronger buzz.
  • Look for potential people that may want to help send tweets out about the conference.

Ways to support on Meetup:

  • Invite people to the Conscious Living Network Meetup Group

HASHTAGS: Key words, such as #Ayahuasca #Psilocybin #Mushrooms #Cannabis #Peyote #SPMC  #ConsciousLiving   etc….

Once again, thank you so much for offering your service. We would not be able to make this conference a success without YOU! You are APPRECIATED

In Gratitude,

The SPM Team

Volunteer Application

SPMC 2023 Volunteer Application



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SPMC and Conscious Living Network are not endorsing any specific guest or ideologies through this event. With any of the presenters involved, it is important to understand these are independent speakers with reputations of their own.

We are offering the forum to explore ideas and understandings about plant based intelligence and healing and would like to encourage participating guests to empower themselves through these discussions and through the information available. This is for security’s sake, and also to honor the diversity of cultures and perspectives in relationship to the plants and the people who work with them. Thank you.

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