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We believe in the power of these medicines to transform lives, and wish to share the teachings so that many others can heal. It is our mission to share this information with as many people as we can, and to make and keep our mission and vision sustainable we have created this membership program so we can continue to provide you with up to date information. We are committed to continue to share this work so that many more can heal. We are excited about this new membership community… and it is only just beginning. We are looking for supporters, contributors, leaders, teachers, medicine carriers, to join us in sharing their profound knowledge, gifts and medicines with this ever growing community.

As we move forward with the Spirit Plant Medicine Membership, we will continue to add valuable articles, interviews, information and experiences to further support the community by providing accurate information and education. We are open for your comments, suggestions and feedback so we can make this membership even more informative for all involved: email: support@consciouslivingnetwork.net


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SPMC and Conscious Living Network are not endorsing any specific guest or ideologies through this event. With any of the presenters involved, it is important to understand these are independent speakers with reputations of their own.

We are offering the forum to explore ideas and understandings about plant based intelligence and healing and would like to encourage participating guests to empower themselves through these discussions and through the information available. This is for security’s sake, and also to honor the diversity of cultures and perspectives in relationship to the plants and the people who work with them. Thank you.

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