Theda Phoenix

Theda PhoenixTheda Phoenix creates Shamanic Sound Journey experiences using Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes, Rattles, Ocean Drum, Rainstick, Harp, Guitar and Intuitive, Ethereal Vocals and Toning. The blend creates a soundscape to journey within, creating altered state of consciousness and relaxing the mind through vibrational frequencies and the healing power of sound.

Theda is an Intuitive Singer and a Songwriter with a passion for spiritual growth and healing. She uses her powerful voice, songs and spontaneous intuitive singing as a medium to inspire and remind people of our true divine nature and infinite potential to live a life of joy, freedom, compassion and fulfillment.

She performs at events and conferences alongside international speakers who have included Dr Deepak Chopra. This will be Theda’s 3rd year sharing her gift at the Conference. Theda has several CD’s available for relaxation, meditation, sound journeying and more recently her 2013 debut singer songwriter album “Legacy”. Theda’s sings to honour the divine in all of this miraculous gift of life on earth.

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Mathew Kocel

Matthew KocelFor years Matthew Kocel has been a true visionary in the world music and sound healing movement, inspiring an international audience with his rare blend of Tibetan, Tuvan and North European overtone singing woven into expansive soundscapes that transcend cultural boundaries.

Listening to his music evokes a sense of belonging to the universal web of life and a deep sense of inner peace.

Audiences continually report experiencing tangible sensations, realizations and visions at his concerts.

Kocel’s album “The Vision” pushes the boundaries of acoustic music, taking you on a meditative journey into realms of exquisite stillness and connection.

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“Using sound in a conscious manner we can bypass mental chatter, cultural conditioning, and blockages to experience the true oneness of existence. As more of us remember and embody this truth, we transmute the matrix of fear that has inhibited the course of human evolution for generations.  I am humbled and deeply honored to share this journey of awakening with you.” – Matthew Kocel

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