Wood Carver, Plant Romancer, Ceremonialist, Father and Village Tender
Born and raised as a child in the woods of Northern Interior BC, and Detroit city in his teen years. Discovering Plant Medicine ceremony in his early 30’s after the birth of his daughter Pearl Penelope, Willow went from a career in sales to Wood Carving artist with little artistic and no wood-working experience within 3 months of his first communion with Ayahuasca. Alongside his emergence as a woodcarver, he has  developed a high caliber Psilocybin Microdose product and has been organically growing the two of them side by side for 9 years. Alongside those passions, he is a devoted student of herbalism, crafting potent medicinal potions from wild crafted botanicals from his homeland, medicinal mead-maker, ecstatic dance dj, and an integral co-creator of a growing village in the woods on Vancouver Island. Remembering and growing village in the old ways within our modern culture.
His carvings stem from a deep well of inspiration from the journey of this earth walk. His designs sometimes take years, as his own growth and life experience shape his pieces into fruition. His carvings attend many sacred traditional ceremonies, many end up living in ceremony spaces and temples around the world, and they are frequently travelled around the world to many big music festivals to display on main stages and in galleries.
WIllow is a co-founder of the Wood Art Collective the “Wood Vibe Tribe” where they take on apprentices to share the craft and work together to make these pieces to share with the people.