Anand David Embry

anand flute croppedAnand David Embry (B. of Music in flute and Certified Clinical Musician) studied vocal awareness with Chloe Goodchild of ‘The Naked Voice’ and is a NV facilitator. For over 30 years he’s investigated our relationship with sound, listening and music influenced by the integral yoga of Swami Sivananda Radha. With humour, devotion and sincerity, his playing facilitates a deep sense of peace and stillness that envelop the listener in a nurturing environment. Classes, performances, healing sessions and workshops take a person into deep listening, providing psychoacoustic and spiritual development through sacred music.
In addition, Anand is resident therapeutic musician and voice therapist at Empower Health Clinic in Vancouver. A counsellor and vocal coach, he uses the power of music and voice to clear away obstacles nurturing new growth. The result is increased insight, awareness, vitality and health.

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