The Mystical Experience: Beyond Set and Setting

At the crossroads of Quantum physics and altered states of consciousness lays a mystical world of inter-dimensional beings, metanoia, and magic. For thousands of years humans have used entheogens to produce a mystical experience and to create a state of suspended reality. Yet, until recently, science rejected such experiences as non-sense and superstition; however, advances in quantum physics have changed everything. Now, a growing number of scientists believe consciousness creates reality — and as such, we ultimately have the power to control what is real. Ceremony, ritual, and energetic container may be far more than simple psychological props but actually protective constructs for navigating parallel dimensions.
Rev. Aryshta Dean presents the history and future of quantum mysticism and how we may be able to consciously evolve beyond our current worldview. The “ascension” we’ve been waiting for may finally be at hand.


Rev. Aryshta Dean is a retired Silicon Valley executive turned modern-day Priestess and entheogenic historian. She has over fifteen years experience in the ceremonial and shamanic use of psychotropic plants and has studied with some of the world’s leading indigenous teachers. Rev. Dean is the author of the forthcoming book, “Priestess of the Blue Lotus: Entheogens in Ancient Greece”, and has presented her groundbreaking research at several international conferences.