Stephen Gray

In the ecstasy of bhang the spark of the Eternal in man turns into light the murkiness of matter or illusion . . . The soul in whom the spirit of bhang finds a home glides in the ocean of Being free from the weary round of matter-blinded self.1
J. M. Campbell

It is only fitting in this age of pollution and plastic that the guru to bless us with Skaktipat comes in the form of an ancient sun-loving plant that has as its most intrinsic attribute the power of consciousness raising.2
Joan Bello

Strong words, bold assertions, maybe even hard to believe. Could we be talking about cannabis the gentle relaxant and euphoriant? Is this the plant whose finger often points at the escape hatch, or the entertainer tossing glitter over the heads of the crowd? What about cannabis the frequent inducer of silliness and giggling, or of spaciness, as in “Uh, what were we just talking about?” Or is it cannabis the sometime demotivator and disconnector? And what about the plant’s not uncommon tendency to amplify self-absorption, ‘over’-sensitivity and even paranoia?

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