Since 2016, chad has immersed himself intensively in the world of therapy (psychedelic and somatic), neo-shamanism, psychonautism, naturalistic studies, conferences, trainings and retreats—all related to bufo alvarius and/or 5-MeO-DMT—as well as associated with an entourage of conscientious peers, mentors, guides and teachers in the specific field of this medicine.

He leans into non-dual teachings, the human potential movement, transpersonal psychology, body-based therapeutic approaches, and mindfulness practices to bring about a holistic approach to the body and the mind.

chad has spoken at the World Bufo Alvarius Congress, participates in the Psychedelic Societies of Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, and Berlin, as well as the Psychedelic Leadership Summit. He has also been featured on the Entheogenic Evolution and Adventures Through the Mind podcasts as well as Forbes magazine.

chad has a private practice in Montreal where he guides participants in one-on-one sessions. He also leads transformational retreats globally that merge the numinous experiences available with conscious, connected breathwork and the surrender of 5-MeO-DMT, what he calls the Breath of Five.
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