Chi Psilocybin and Leti Passemier are psilocybin guides, advocates, and retreat facilitators. They are the founders of truffles therapy, a psilocybin retreat organization that has guided hundreds of people on their journeys. They are also the founders of Global Alliance of Psilocybin Practitioners, which provides community, training, and mentorship for guides and connects those seeking the medicine with those providing safe access. They advise individuals and companies involved in the emerging psychedelic industry.

They have also founded: 

• tripsitters, a nonprofit harm reduction platform connecting legal psilocybin retreats and guides with those seeking the medicine;

• psilocybin foundation, a nonprofit initiative spreading the word about the healing benefits of magic mushrooms;

• amsterdam psychedelic community.

Chi is an American born to a Japanese mom and Chinese dad. For most of his life, he struggled with depression, low self-esteem, and destructive addictions. Magic mushrooms have opened his heart and helped him cry, laugh, and heal from these debilitating patterns. He has had the privilege to spend more than 16 months in silent retreat, including a month in darkness. He credits his success to his parents, his spiritual teachers, and psychedelic medicines. He bows down to all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas throughout space and time.

Leti is a spaceholder and a yoga teacher born in France. She has lived in Spain and Italy, and is fluent in four languages. In June 2017, she quit her high-paying corporate job to follow her heart and deepen her spiritual practice. After having a life-changing magic mushroom journey in Thailand, she committed herself to explore the magical realms in her heart and mind. She is dedicated to supporting journeyers and creating safe and loving environments for them to go through their healing process.