Salvia Divinorum: The New Teacher

Christopher Solomon has been cultivating a relationship with Salvia Divinorum for over a decade. After an unexpectedly profound and healing Salvia experience, Christopher discovered the multi-faceted and misunderstood character of this Master Plant.

Incorporating lessons learned directly from Salvia and as a student of somatic psychotherapy, Christopher is pioneering techniques to use Salvia as a therapeutic tool for guided self-healing, meditation, and introspection. Christopher lectures about the proper, intentional, and therapeutic use of Salvia, offering a blend of scientific, esoteric, and therapeutic perspectives. He also cultivates a medicinal Salvia garden for use in his therapeutic practice with clients.

Christopher was a recent participant in the Johns Hopkins University study about the effects of salvinorin A on human brain activity and connectivity using fMRI methods. He has lectured with a variety of organizations in the Bay Area, including ERIE (Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education). He received his Holistic Health Coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and currently studies somatic psychotherapy at the Hakomi Institute in Berkeley, California.