Dr. Bruce Damer


“Luminous Messenger”

Dr. Bruce Damer is a scientist, designer and historian born and raised in British Columbia and now based in Santa Cruz, California. He works as a scientist in the Department of Biomolecular Engineering at UC Santa Cruz where in collaboration with Professor David Deamer he has developed a new model for the origin of life. As a designer he built some of the earliest graphical interfaces in personal computers in the 1980s, led pioneering work in multi user virtual worlds in the 1990s, and founded DigitalSpace to engage in simulation and design of spacecraft and missions for NASA in the 2000s. His recent work in collaboration with Dr. Peter Jenniskens at the SETI Institute is the SHEPHERD spacecraft concept and architecture which may hold a key to opening the solar system to sustainable human presence. As a historian he curates one of the largest collections of computing artifacts, software and documentation in his DigiBarn Computer Museum. He has also built up a physical collection and digital archive of counterculture figures such as Terence McKenna and Timothy Leary, whose extant library, news archive and other artifacts he inherited in 2011. As a “liminalist” he undertakes repeated journeys across that boundary between reductionist, rational thought and the worlds opened up by non-ordinary states of consciousness. He enters such worlds with an intent to bring back insights for science and radical new engineering designs, to engage in deep conversations about what being human might really mean, and to experience some small aspect of the nature of the cosmos. This practice has resulted in a growing body of stories which he offers to audiences at venues worldwide and through his podcast, the Levity Zone. These stories carry a message of hope, suggest ways of moving our civilization forward, and offer us a sense of wonder at finding ourselves as newly minted emissaries of complex life in the universe. Dr. Bruce’s personal site: www.damer.com Podcast:www.levityzone.org

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