Join Marc Caron and Stephen Gray as we speak with Dr. Bruce Damer, one of this years speakers at the Virtual Spirit Plant Medicine Conference.

“Waking up in the Field: Contacting the Metta-Intelligence”

Dr Bruce Damer Bio Pic

Dr. Bruce Damer is an Astrobiologist collaborating with Prof. David Deamer in the Department of Biomolecular Engineering, UC Santa Cruz on the question of the origin of life. He has also contributed 20 years of mission simulation and design for NASA and other space agencies on the related question of how life might begin on other worlds and how to extend life and human civilization into our solar system. His training is in computer science and he has built an extensive archive of computing artifacts and history chronicling the rise of the digital world in the last 60 years. He is also a follower of the evolutionary edge of culture as a wanderer on the plant medicine path and curates archives of figures such as Timothy Leary and Terence McKenna. More can be found on his work and life in his Levity Zone podcast, Levity Salons on Patreon and scientific writings, all available at: