Dr. Erica WohldmannDr. Erica Wohldmann holds a joint Ph.D. in Psychology and Cognitive Science from the CU, Boulder, and is a Professor at CSU, Northridge where she teaches classes about ecopsychology, food choices, sustainability, and cognition and neuroscience. Her research has been generously funded by the National Institutes of Health, has been published in some of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, and was featured in Psychology Today and by the National Wildlife Federation.

In 2012, Erica traveled through 16 states in the Western U.S., living in national forests for 6 months, and wild-foraging all of her food and medicine.  Her journey was featured in a TEDx at UCLA on May 21.  In addition to her experiential training, Erica has worked with indigenous peoples in North and South America to learn about traditional plant uses, and leads food and medicine walks in the Los Angeles area.