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Apu Mystica

February 22, 2020 @ 8:00 AM - March 2, 2020 @ 5:00 PM


Apu Mystica

Initiations at the 4 Sacred Apus of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition

Join us for this 10 day journey of transmutation and illumination to Apu Ausangate, Apu Salkantay, Apu Pachatusan, and Apu Huanacari to radically potentiate your Soul Service to Pachamama!

February 22- March 2, 2020

Sacred Valley, Cusco Region, Peru


Apu Mystica is a sacred journey to the heart of the living intelligence and power of the mountain spirits of the Andes. This quest is for those who are ready and willing to embrace the next level of their personal evolution and planetary soul service.

The Apus are beings of Light, star regents and ancient bodhisattvas here to help nurture and sustain all life withinPachamama. These mountain spirits endow the humbled hearted Pilgrim with insight, inspiration, and illumination to help you fulfill your Soul mission here. The sacred calling of the heart-pilgrim and Apu are aligned through our Ayni (sacred reciprocity).

Apu Mystica is an initiatic pilgrimage of Ayni to the heart of the living mystery of the Andes. Be prepared for your life and soul inspired service to be radically upgraded, through the expanded illumination offered by these powerful enlightened ones.  To commune with these beings is of the greatest importance to the Pachakuti Mesa initiate because they are the elders of the tradition, holding the template of the medicine of the Paqokuna. The Apus help channel Kamasqa (universal life force) from Illa T’eqse Muyu Taytanchis Wiracocha Pachakamaq (aka The Ever Radiant, Ever Benevolent Great Mystery and Source of all Creation) abiding in readiness to transmute our old stories of self, community, and what is possible. Since time immemorial the Apus have been a destination for illumination, to help guide us to re-member and live the Beauty we are.  As we attune to these living powers, we more deeply awaken to our Soul Service and personal medicine/mission, and we become not just the conscious stewards of our lives but of our global family.

Purpose of this initiatory journey is:

  • To expand into the beauty of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition and Andean CosmoVision.
  • To radically empower, illuminate, uplift, upgrade, and recommit to embodying the essence of your True Immortal Self purposefully incarnated as planetary steward and star seed consciousness activator.
  • To visit the four primary tutelary Apus of the Pachakuti Mesa tradition and receive direct Karpay (transmission in seed form) and bring these gifts back to your life, family, community and culture, and in doing so assist the benevolent expression of this great turning.
  • To learn from and make relationship with Q’ero Elders, Andean Paqos & wisdom keepers, and the wildly alive spirit of the land within the Sacred Valley of Peru.
  • To nourish the living multidimensional field of the Mesa with the Kallpa (living power) of the Apus, for expanded service, blessing, and alchemy.


This journey is not for the faint of heart and will require: joyful fortitude, an abiding willingness to embrace what is, and deep commitment to awakening your unique medicine in service to the dawning of the age of the Taripaypacha. It will also include traveling to altitude of +14,000 Ft, light to intermediate hiking, and accommodations that will range from enchanting to rustic.

The Mountains await, will you heed the call?

“Having decided to complete my paqowachu while on this trip Darcy eagerly assisted in conversations to make this possible, everything from transportation, to food, and the assistance by 2 paqos at the end of my ceremony was also taken care of. I smile, now, as I recall the paqo Edy checking on me just in time to place his finger on my despacho’s red yarn in order for me to tie a bow. Even the preparation of firewood for burning the despacho inspired me as each stick was laid with such love, the Southern Cross rising above Apu Ausangate as I laid my bundle down into the flames. Returning home, I felt the shift in my Being and continue to approach life with a greater sense of peace and gratitude feeling my luminous energy field as more intact and my Heart full. Thank you Robin and Darcy for making this deepening and life changing experience possible! I love you both!”  Christina Jensema, Psy.D.

This 10 day odyssey of heart and spirit includes:

  • A full day of ceremony and empowerment with Q’ero elders to open this journey of remembrance and empowerment. To read more about the Q’ero please check out this link. https://www.inka-world.com/en/qeros.html
  • Andean guides of great Heart and Blessing to open the sacred gateways of these ancient sites with the ancestral ceremonial wisdom of the Paqokuna. We will be guided by the renowned Puma Q’espe of Chinchero and his family.
  • Deep communion ceremony with the “Cactus of the Four Winds.”
  • You will be guided and held by experienced, kind support and loving care. Including facilitated group process, dialogue, and teachings to help each Pilgrim have a successful journey.
  • Guided journey held and facilitated by Pachakuti Mesa Sanctioned teachers Robin Flynn and Darcy Kopas.
  • All accommodation is shared

“After 35 years of independent international travel, this pilgrimage was my first with a group.  I will return with Visionary Hearts for another.  I experienced an amazing landscape that vibrates with 3000 years of ceremony, beautiful Quechua people, shamans leading trips to sacred sites, great food, smooth organization, and well facilitated plant medicine journeys.  Peru is deep inside me.  Thank you Robin, thank you Darcy. ” Byron Rott

The cost of this pilgrimage is $2,595 USD

Early Bird Special $2,395 USD total due by Nov.1, 2019

Cost includes lodging, most meals, transportation within the 10 days of the journey, guides, ceremonies, empowerments, cultural mentorship, and much more.

Cost does not include airfare or gratuities.

(To receive this early bird special we require a payment in full by Nov.1st, 2019. To secure you space in this we ask a deposit of 30% at the time of registration. To honour the depth of this powerful transformational opportunity we are keeping the group size intimate, so space is limited. )

10 Day Itinerary (subject to change):

February 22nd- Arrival in Cusco at our warm and lovely guesthouse with celebratory dinner.

February 23rd- Opening ceremony with the Q’ero elder don Sebastine in the famous beauty of Chinchero at the home of Puma Q’espe.

February 24- Journey in the sacred temple of the Qoricancha in Cusco and in the afternoon to Apu Huanacari.

February 25- Wake up early and journey to Apu Salkantay for an overnight.

February 26- Leave Salkantay to Cusco spend night in cusco.

Feb. 27- Journey in the morning to Pisaq village and our accommodation there. In the afternoon visit the shrine of Senor de Huanca at Apu Pachautasan

February 28- Journey to Apu Ausangate. Enjoy an afternoon of hotsprings, food, and despacho.

Febuary 29th- Hike or horseback ride to the base of Ausangate and the Otorango lagos for a day of ceremony, communion, and direct contact. Return to the village for much needed R & R with further soaking if desired.

March 1st- Return to Pisaq for an afternoon of rest and integration.

March 2nd- Closing circle and exodus by 2pm.






February 22, 2020 @ 8:00 AM
March 2, 2020 @ 5:00 PM
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