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October 17, 2020: Aligning with the True Self: Tuning the Heart with Sacred Forest Medicine

October 17, 2020 @ 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Benefits of a Heart Chakra Biofield Tuning
– Clear energetic patterns of giving away personal power through poor boundaries and people pleasing
– Integrate energy associated with overdoing and caretaking for others
– Reclaim power through self-love to align with the true self and hearts desires
– Clear stress and release stored emotions
– Balance and relax the body
– Mental clarity

During a Biofield tuning session you may experience:
– Increased sensations of energy throughout the body- such as numbness, tingling, electrical currents running in and/or around the body
– Emotions or memories surfacing
– Insights about self, belief systems, patterns, behaviours, and relationships
– Connection to ancestors and awareness of energetics attached to lineage

– Introductions, overview of session, Q&A
– Breathwork
– Shaking
– Guided Meditation
– Tuning Session
– Sharing Circle with a light snack

About “Aligning with the True Self: Tuning the Heart with Sacred Forest Medicine”:
Biofield Tuning uses sound and vibration in the biofield, or energy field, to clear energetic dissonance, stuck energy, or unprocessed emotions. The Biofield is a blueprint of one’s life, holding all emotions, memories, thoughts, and experiences.

We will be working with a micro-dose of Sacred Forest Medicine to open up the energy body and subconscious mind, and to connect with the higher self. Sacred Forest Medicine can help to activate suppressed memories and emotions, and gain deeper insight into oneself, relationships, life purpose, or next steps. It can shine light upon one’s shadow while opening up the heart to help it heal. Sacred forest medicine can also induce neuroplasticity, or the rewiring of neurons to positively affect our cognition, emotions, behaviours, experiences, and thoughts.

During this session we will be clearing the right side of the Heart Chakra, which is where we hold patterns of saying yes but meaning no (not having strong boundaries) and putting other people’s needs or expectations ahead of our own natural inclinations. These habits are often learned behaviours and are strongly seen in the oldest children who were expected to help with younger siblings. It is also seen in children who weren’t supported in their dreams and desires, and therefore not feeling worthy to help themselves and instead help others. This is also a cultural edict of “service over self”, which can lead a person to believe that tending to one’s own needs and wants is selfish and unacceptable. When one continuously goes against their truth and desires or puts others first, one is acting out of pleasing others and/or out of fear of rejection or abandonment. This can lead to burnout, resentment, frustration, undigested emotions, not meeting own needs, lack of self-love and -respect, feelings of unworthiness, and the degradation of one’s own health.

Join me in a Group Biofield Tuning to clear energetic patterns of the heart, with the allyship of Sacred Forest Medicine, to step into alignment with the true self. I look forward to providing the space and tools for you to relax, balance, and receive the release and reorganization that your body needs, so you can reclaim your power, show yourself care, set healthy boundaries, and put yourself back onto your own path in life.

The exchange for this event is $90. To secure your spot please RSVP and e-mail transfer a $30 deposit to alexandra@greenvibration.ca. The remainder of payment can be given in cash the day of. The address in Point Grey, Vancouver will be provided upon registration. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get settled in so we can stay on schedule.

Please come well hydrated and in a fasted state (refrain from eating 4hrs before ceremony). Feel free to bring extra padding for comfort to lay down on or an eye mask. Please let me know of any dietary restrictions for snacks.

Please reach out if you have any questions!


October 17, 2020
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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Alexandra Dohan
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