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On-Line: Live and Interactive: Discover Creating in Oneness with Laurie Morningstar

November 16, 2021 @ 5:00 PM - November 21, 2021 @ 6:00 PM


On-Line: Live and Interactive: Discover Creating in Oneness with Laurie Morningstar



Your Mer Ka Ba is your vehicle Ascension and can be activated easily by clearing your emotions and accessing the Sacred Heart in meditation. In this workshop, discover how to become Aware of what you are thinking, saying and doing in each moment so you can become the master of your reality and move into a more heart based life.

Join Laurie Morningstar On Line – Live and Interactive – for this transformational hour where you will discover how to dive into your emotions – without the stories – and activate your mind, body and spirit for Ascension.

Experience a new way to look at how you manifest with your emotions and learn to create what you truly desire as you activate the Mer Ka Ba, your vehicle of Ascension. Many channelers speak about the Mer Ka Ba, the importance of it’s activation and how essential it is to the times we are in as it is a high vibrational energy field that will help you move to a higher vibration.

This is the importance of Emotional Alchemy, to clear your energy field quickly and deeply from all lifetimes and generational patterns. As you learn to have awareness of the emotions you are experience, you will discover how to easily shift the most uncomfortable situations into beneficial outcomes.

Once you clear the energies, new perspectives and opportunities will arise for you to be in a place of love, peace and bliss.

What you will learn in this 60-minute free online event…

• Feel how emotions and limiting decisions are holding you back and effecting your body

• Clear the energies of major emotions of doubt, frustration, anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hurt, unworthy, shame, jealousy and others, as well as limiting decisions that hold you back that you tell yourself about yourself

• Learn how to be the hunter/ess of your emotions

• Clear the energies/emotions that came up for you

• Discover the The Mer Ka Ba and how to incorporate it in your life

• the Creation Process



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November 16 @ 5PM PST


More about the Mer Ka Ba

The Mer Ka Ba is a geometric Star Tetrahedron, which is a 3 dimensional 8 pointed star. Mer means counter-rotating field of light, Ka means spirit and Ba means body.
While on the 3d plane it is a counter-rotating field of light that contains your spirit and your body, and when you leave the 3d, it is a counter-rotating field of light that contains your spirit and your body of knowledge. It contains all our experiences from this lifetime and all past lives.
When it is activated from the Sacred Heart it is the center point for the Akashic Records or the Sacred Chamber and in the Creation Chamber the portal to the Universe.
The structure of the Mer Ka Ba is of Divine Light and energy in the human body and every life form in this Universe. When activated it automatically becomes the Star Tetrahedron and you can feel the energy around you and inside of you.
The Flower of Life contains the Star Tetrahedron as well as the platonic solids. This symbol can be seen in ancient structures around the world and makes up the fundamental patterns of creation.
The Fruit of Life symbol comes from the Flower of Life and the shape is made up of 13 circles/spheres, creating the molecular structure for all life forms. 13 being a symbol of the goddess, unity and transition.
My feelings about the Mer Ka Ba is it is our suitcase in which every time we arrive in 3d, we unpack it and create from our experiences, the more you heal, the better the creation.
As deep healing takes place the Mer Ka Ba automatically activates and becomes your vehicle of ascension, assisting your creation in Unity Conscisousness, most of the time this takes many lifetimes.
In Creating in Oneness we activate the Mer Ka Ba from the Sacred Heart once we are vibrating high from clearing emotions with Emotional Alchemy.



About Laurie Morningstar

Laurie Morningstar is an Emotional Alchemist, Ascension Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Healer, FEEL Facilitator and Author

She is certified in NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, Reiki, Huna and became one of the first 52 teachers for Drunvalo Melchizedek’s ‘Awakening the Illuminated Heart’ ascension workshop in 2011. Laurie is a Sundancer and pipe carrier working with the medicine of Nature and the Ancestors (horse and human) to help you.

Laurie has integrated all to help you become the best version of yourself. She began her studies in 1995 and has since mastered many modalities.

Laurie has been working with clients, healing emotions for over 20 years, helping people from many countries around the world.  She has combined  the two modalities of Emotional Alchemy and ascension activation’s to offer Creating in Oneness audio and workshop.

Learn more about Laurie’s work. Experience it with her FREE GIFT – Creating in Oneness Audio – Click Here to Download

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 Laurie has been working with healing emotions for over 20 years. Combining it with FEEL facilitation for horse guided wisdom and release, teaching you to become aware of your emotions and what the horses are showing you. Opening hearts with horse wisdom is Laurie’s motto.

Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan there was plenty of opportunity to be around the horses and other farm animals. At 8 years old a pony named Dusty was given to her temporarily. As kids do, it was forgotten that it was temporary. Even though the parting was a sad day, the experience of having her own horse led to other encounters before taking the FEEL Facilitator training with Brenda at Mystic Waters Ranch in 2017. A special bond was created with the horses at the ranch, opening deeper communication with them and spirit allowing ongoing healing with them.

Having the opportunity to work with a herd of geldings at another ranch for 3 years was an incredible journey of learning the compassion of these beings. They truly see everything and only wish to help heal all that is coming up in the moment for you, never pushing you beyond what you are ready for.

Laurie looks forward to assisting you in your healing journey!



November 16, 2021 @ 5:00 PM
November 21, 2021 @ 6:00 PM
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