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Yawanawa Tribe Fundraiser

August 29, 2019 @ 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Right now, the Amazon rainforest and its stewards – the tribes of indigenous people who have lived there for millennia – are under threat of extinction by government sanctioned corporate agendas seeking resource extraction. The Amazon Rainforest and its people urgently need the world’s attention and support.

The Preservation of Life in the Amazon is not only a localized cause for South America. Deforestation in the Amazon would have a huge impact on the entire global community:

– the plants and trees of the Amazonian Rainforest generate more than 20% of our planet’s oxygen
– one fifth of all the fresh water on the planet is contained within the Amazon Basin.
– the Amazon rainforest contains thousands of species of medicinal plants

We are only just beginning to understand the true value of the medicinal plants contained within the Amazon. More than 99% of the species of healing plants that grow there have yet to be identified, classified or tested by Western science. Even so, one quarter of all pharmaceutical medicines are currently derived from plant ingredients from the rainforest. To lose these plants and this knowledge would be devastating for the entire planet.

The vast majority of the knowledge of medicinal plants exists only in the verbal traditions and teachings of the indigenous people. For this reason, it is essential to all of us that their way of life, culture and traditions are protected and preserved.

Amazonia 911 arose out of a desire to educate and engage the global community in the issues and the importance of efforts to preserve life in the Amazon. We are working directly with representatives of the Yawanawa tribe to support and empower them in their efforts to create food sustainability for their villages and to train and educate their youth to become the next generation of Paje’s (shamans).

Join us for an enriching evening of film, culture and presentations about the Yawanawa tribe of the Amazon jungle, their knowledge of jungle medicines, and projects to preserve their way of life and ancient knowledge. There will be performances, speakers, a Q+A panel discussion, jungle-friendly vendors, information tables and opportunities to contribute to making a positive impact for the world.

Come out to learn more and support a good cause that is vital to the preservation of all life on the planet!

Speakers include:

Keynote Speaker: Paulo Roberto Silva e Souza is one of the foremost English speaking authorities on the psycho-spiritual work of Amazonian communities.
After receiving a degree in psychology from the University Gama Filho in Rio de Janeiro; he worked as a psychologist for the Brazilian government in Amazonia. In 1985 Paulo Roberto organized and led the scientific commission that convinced the Brazilian government to legalize ayahuasca for religious uses.
He is the director of Céu do Mar, in Rio de Janeiro, the President of Guananshe Co. in South Bahia, and the manager of Jungle Clinic projects in Rio, Bahia and Amazonia at Mutum, Yawanawa village.

Soheil Samimi – Founder of Floresta Sagrada, Director and CEO of The Plant Medicine Company

Magdalene Pay – North American First Nations Medicine Woman and Kambo Practitioner

Devyn Brugge – Filmmaker who documented the Yawanawa Tribe in their village of Mutum in 2016

Yamuna Flaherty – Writer, Photographer and Explorer who recently returned to Canada from the first ever Women’s Retreat in the Yawanawa village of Mutum


August 29, 2019
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM


St James Community Square
3214 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6K 2L2 Canada