Galen R BrandtGalen R. Brandt is a writer, cross-cultural storyteller, performer, songwriter and singer. She pioneered the exploration and use of ground-breaking, interactive digital technologies as artistic medium and alternative healing modality in live performance, arts, education and special needs, including for those with perceptual, behavioral and physical challenges. She is an award-winning composer of children’s music for Disney, Hasbro, Western Publishing, Left Coast Television and Lorimar, a new product marketing expert, a corporate speechwriter, and a cultural journalist for publications from the New Age Journal to Playgirl.   She is particularly interested in exploring thresholds — stepping into the skin of another in performance, experimenting with avatar self-representations with children with autism, midwifing the mystery of death while singing at bedsides.  She graduated with Highest Honors in Literature from Yale and promptly joined a rock band.