Entheogenic Clans Meet At Spirit Plant Medicine ConferenceAlthough “clans” may not be the perfect metaphor in this case, it serves the purpose of underlining the importance of gathering the loose community of all those connected to the development of work with entheogenic plants and substances.

Laying it Down with Dennis McKenna

Last week, on October 1st, Andrew Rezmer and Stephen Gray conducted a radio interview with Dennis McKenna, one of our special guest presenters. Dennis had just returned from what he described as a groundbreaking Ayahuasca conference in Ibiza. He then proceeded to lay down a brilliant summation of the “state of the onion” as his silver-tongued brother Terence used to say.

You can listen to the interview at Conscious Living Radio under Past Shows. The title is “Reflections from the Far Side of the Abyss.”

Dennis described the current situation of the wildfire-like spread of ayahuasca around the planet, while drawing attention to the increasingly urgent planetary situation. If we believe that the consciousness transformation made possible with wise use of entheogens can help humanity understand our interpenetrating interconnectedness, it’s incumbent upon us to turn up the commitment level at this time.

Hence the “gathering of the entheogenic clans” image. The Spirit Plant Medicine Conference is a nexus point, a locus for the meeting and strengthening of the vision. We call on the community to come and add energy to this heart-fuelled vision. There are still plenty of tickets available on the conference website or by phoning 604-435-5555.

Imminent Events

October 8

This Wednesday October 8 at 6 pm PDT, Andrew Feldmár will be interviewed on Andrew Rezmar’s radio show on Co-op radio FM 100.5 in Vancouver, BC, with the podcast available soon after under Past Shows at consciouslivingradio.org. Let’s just say here that Andrew is a brilliant and engaging psychologist of deep and long experience with entheogens. Andrew was briefly featured in a recent post.

October 15

For those within striking distance of Vancouver, Andrew Feldmár will also give a live presentation at Eternal Abundance, 1025 Commercial Drive, at 8 pm on Wednesday October 15. The title of the talk is The Rainbow States of Consciousness: Some thoughts about reality, dreams, hypnosis, and altered states of consciousness, from Samadhi to Saint Vitus Dance.

Joshua Wickerham will be giving a radio interview, Wednesday October 15, 6 pm PDT on Co-op radio. Joshua was also featured in one of our recent posts. He is the co-founder of the Ethnobotanical Stewardship Council, a group doing remarkable and essential work monitoring the overall sustainability of the entheogenic plants and the cultural contexts around them.Evolver Spores with Entheogenic Clans

October 22

Finally, there will be one last pre-conference event just before the conference itself. Sobey Wing of Evolver Vancouver will host a Talking Stick Circle at Eternal Abundance, 1025 Commercial Drive in Vancouver from 8-10 pm on Wednesday, October 22. This participatory discussion will include a range of topics such as cultivating relationships with plant teachers, best practices for sitters and post-integration of entheogenic experiences.