Huachuma in the Wild: building sustainable futures for the San Pedro Cactus

Josip Orlovac Del Río is a maestro huachumero from coastal Peru with over 30 years of experience growing, cooking, drinking, and sharing the San Pedro Cactus. He received his connection to the plant through his Andean grandfather, and from a young age studied traditional healing in a lineage of curanderos from the Río Santa. Josip is the creator of the cultural phenomenon Mullu, and its offshoot music events, Mullu Sessions. He also co-founded Huachuma Collective, a nonprofit association in Peru which works with Indigenous communities towards the biological and cultural sustainability of San Pedro. He has been planting San Pedro for 25 years, and collectively his gardens are home to over 5,000 individual cacti. He lives in the Rimac Valley of Peru.

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