cards SPM 1We have two exciting new additions to the conference

1. We’ve just added a special presentation on Sunday Oct. 25. Donnie Blaikie is a longtime roadman (ceremony leader) in the Native American Church (NAC). At 12:30 in the lecture hall Donnie will reprise a presentation that was enthusiastically received at the conference three years ago.

Donnie understands at a deep level what he calls “the vibrational language of plant medicines.” As many people in the modern cultures are beginning to recognize now, the songs used in sacramental medicine ceremonies can have a lot of power. The songs known as ícaros that are used in Amazonian ayahuasca ceremonies are sometimes described as spirit beings that can be directed to specific needs of the participants. The peyote prayer songs of the NAC also have strong healing powers in the right hands.

Those songs are most definitely in the right hands with Donnie. He has led ceremonies and sung these prayer songs all night at hundreds if not thousands of ceremonies over several decades.

Donnie will share his understanding of this vibrational language as it can be channeled through the songs and will then sing a number of them with his son Aquila accompanying him on the sacred water drum that is tied up and untied for every situation.

2. We’re very fortunate to have the presence of Gibson Gonnie at the conference this year. Gibson is a Traditional Navajo Medicine Man, healer, herbalist, and story teller. He will be coming as our special guest to share a traditional Navajo prayer of welcoming and blessing to open the conference on Saturday morning.

Fractal art – Martin W. Ball