I’m excited to report that we’ve secured Kilindi Iyi as a presenter at this year’s Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, Oct. 24 and 25 at UBC in Vancouver. I was recently at a conference in Ashland, Oregon where Kilindi gave a brilliant presentation. Without a doubt it was the most enthusiastically received talk at the two-day event.

This man is a phenomenon. He’s an astonishingly adventurous explorer of deep medicine realms. Most of us who are willing to venture into psychonautic waters at all are working the shallow end compared to the quantities Kilindi has been willing to navigate with psilocybin mushrooms. Even Terence McKenna’s idea of a heroic dose of the mushrooms was five dried grams.

But, as it says in his bio on the conference website, “Kilindi shares information gleaned from many excursions into the hyper-dimensional and inter-dimensional realms through his direct experience with dosages in the 20 through 30 dried gram range of mushroom ingestion.”

This isn’t some young and reckless cliff jumper we’re discussing. Kilindi has been exploring these beyond-heroic states of consciousness for decades. Among his other skills and accomplishments, he is also a master mycologist, a master martial arts instructor, and an organizer of events like the bi-annual Detroit Entheogenic Conference. In his words, he “remains a student, teacher, and advocate for the hallucinogenic experience.”

Kilindi is also a highly knowledgeable scholar on African plant medicine shamanism, particularly in regard to entheogenic mushroom use. He surprised us in Ashland with a wealth of information on that little known subject, accompanied by an extensive and revealing slide collection.

Below is the synopsis he sent us for the main talk he’ll give at the conference. He’ll also give a second, shorter presentation as a kind of keynote closing address at the end of the conference on Sunday afternoon with the provisional title “The Mushroom and Our Trans-Human Future”.

Title: Psilocybin: Tool of Consciousness Exploration.

Synopsis: This talk will explore psilocybin as an exploratory tool. Psilocybin at high dosage is the supreme ally to submerge the human consciousness into itself and tweak the genes through access to dormant DNA. This talk will speak to the high-dose experience of psilocybin and the effects on the mind body system in the hyper-dimensional realms. With access to powerful psychedelic compounds, experiments can be done in the first person with very few problems and in the comfort of one’s own home. Psilocybin in mushroom form is readily available and inexpensive. We say that psilocybin’s primary purpose is exploration and everyone has the right to explore his or her own consciousness as a fundamental right.

Hoping to see you at the conference,