MARTINA HOFFMANN’s paintings are detailed views into her inner landscapes – imagery that has been inspired by the dream state, mediation and shamanic journeys in the Amazonian Rainforest.

A traveler between the worlds and an explorer of the inner planes, she enjoys creating in a visual language that reflects Universal consciousness and shows love as the ultimate unifying force.

Overall, Martina’s art explores the mysterious and essential nature of consciousness, existing in all living things and expressed as energy.

Her ‘Visionary Symbolism’ is decidedly feminine and places the archetype of the ‘Universal Woman’ and the human in an intimate cosmos. She translates her experiences as well as her reflections on our place in the universe in a symbolic style which marries the fantastic to the sacred.

Martina Hoffmann has spoken at symposiums and festivals about visionary art and culture worldwide.

Together with her late husband, the Fantastic Realist painter Robert Venosa, she has taught a modern approach to the Misch Technique, at such Institutes as Esalen, Omega and the CIISS in the USA, Skyros Institute, Greece and during their private painting intensives in Cadaques, Spain and Boulder, Colorado to name a few.

Martina Hoffmann’s art has been subject to CD, book and magazine covers and has been published internationally in books such as ‘Modern Consciousness Research and The Understanding of Art’ by Stanislav Grof, ‘The Divine Spark’  by Graham Hancock, ‘Women of Visionary Art’ by David Jay Brown and Rebecca Hill, ‘Feminine Mysticism in Art by Victoria Christian.

Her work has been exhibited internationally since 1985 with a 6-month retrospective at the HR Giger Museum in Switzerland in 2018. She is represented in the permanent collection of the NAIA Museum in Rochefort-En-Terre, France since 2015.

Her artbook, “inner Landscapes’ first published in 2017.

A world citizen since her childhood in West Africa, the artist lives and works, both, in both, the USA and France.


“Your images show an artistry in painting that suffices to produce amazement and admiration for which words fail me.”

Dr. Albert Hofmann, Switzerland


“If we look at the most powerful force in Martina’s life and work, it is her passionate spiritual
quest and search for the deep mysteries of her own psyche and the human psyche in general.”

Stanislav Grof


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Martina has been awarded a Cosmic Sister’s Women of The Psychedelic Renaissance grant to present at Spirit Plant Medicine Conference 2020. (@CosmicSister)