“Reclamation of the Spirit: Breaking Through Old Paradigms with 5-MEO”

Melanie Waterfall has over twenty-five years of experience in various spiritual and personal growth modalities with and without the use of plant medicine. As an Addiction Recovery and Psycho-Spiritual Integration Coach, Yoga Instructor and a certified Death Doula, Melanie integrates this background into working with her clients. Through ceremony with 5-MeO-DMT, she offers spiritual guidance, integration coaching and one-on-one retreats for those embarking upon a profoundly awakening, life-altering shift in consciousness .

5-MeO-DMT—or “5” as it’s often referred to these days—is unique among psychedelic sacraments and medicines in the powerful and immediate way that it can help heal core wounds; break old patterns associated with PSTD, OCD, anxiety and depression; and reconnect us to unconditional, non-dual reality. Many are now sensing that this relatively recently discovered ally has an essential role to play in the consciousness transformation work that is so important now. The beneficial use of 5 needs reliable, experience-based education and guidance. Melanie’s experience, expertise and insight offer a safe and sacred experience in service to this medicine and position her as an excellent representative on its behalf.

Melanie will be co-presenting at the 2023 Spirit Plant Medicine with Richard Kay to share information and inspiration as 5 enters more prominently into the conversation and application journey.