11025853_10152585648371883_2771431363951988776_oSunday (Oct. 25) will be packed with remarkable presenters; shamanic, spacious music; a delicious vegan lunch courtesy of Eternal Abundance; and more opportunities to develop connections with fellow participants. Here’s what’s on for the day.

Martin W. Ball, Ph.D will follow Devon before lunch on Sunday. Martin is a brilliant and provocative writer, musician, fractal artist, healer, speaker, podcast host, and event organizer. He has unearthed some radical teachings from his work with entheogens, and in particular with 5-MeO-DMT, a short-acting, extremely powerful psychedelic tryptamine found in a wide variety of plant species. Martin’s insights on non-duality will challenge many of us to open up our conceptual frameworks in our work with the entheogens.

Jonathan Thompson is the founder of psychedelicparenting.org, “a resource for building community and family traditions around traditional plant sacraments.” This is fresh material for the conference and an essential area of discussion as entheogens shake off their stigma as drugs and take their deserved place as valuable tools and allies in various forms of healing and spiritual work. We’ve seen Jonathan before and invited him to the conference in part because of his warm and enthusiastic presence.

Annie Oak will follow Jonathan in the early afternoon on Sunday (2 pm). Annie is one of our great cultural creatives and innovators. Among her accomplishments she founded the Women’s Visionary Congress—with active groups up and down the west coast, and the Full Circle Tea House, a refuge and integration oasis for festival participants. In a similar vein she co-drafted the Manual of Psychedelic Support.
Annie’s talk at the conference is intended to “rekindle our relationship with traditional European Spirit Plants.”

Kilindi Iyi is a master martial arts instructor, world traveler, and mycologist. He’s also a highly engaging speaker. At a conference in Oregon this June he was the most enthusiastically received in two full days of presenters. Kilindi has deep knowledge of the shamanic and psychonautic use of psilocybin mushrooms and some provocative views on working with very high doses of the mushrooms. His beyond-the-beyond explorations into hyper-dimensional realms make the often referenced “heroic dose” of 5 dried grams suggested by Terence McKenna seem tame in comparison.
Sunday afternoon’s talk by Kilindi will be his second at the conference, and with the intriguing title “The Mushroom and Our Trans-Human Future” will set the stage for the final presentation listed below.

Marguerite Rigoglioso, Annie Oak, Bruce Damer, and Donny Blaikie will bring various threads from the weekend together and complete the conference with a lively and forward-looking panel discussion titled “Using Entheogens with Integrity: Problems, Pitfalls & Possibilities: A discussion on sacred medicine’s role in planetary evolution”

Shamanic and Spacious Music: To give the information-processing centres of our brains a break and help us stay in the body and the heart, Matthew Kocel and Theda Phoenix will take turns performing their gorgeous music and spontaneous soundscapes.

Food: Another delicious lunch (Sat. too) will be provided by Eternal Abundance.