Nan Shuni Giron (@shunigiron) is an internationally recognized Guatemalan ceremonial leader known as Mayan Ajq’iij, a Mayan calendar day keeper and spiritual guide. She has a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Alternative Therapies from Instituto Naturista Guatemalteco. A shamanic plant healer and teacher who specializes in spiritual psychotherapy and shamanic rituals, she has led Mayan sacred fires and psychotherapeutic collective and individual sessions around the world. She speaks about conscious psychedelics at indigenous summits and international world festivals and is the spiritual guardian of the oral traditions of the Popol Vuh Sacred Book of the Maya. A lifelong environmentalist, she founded ARCAS, a wildlife rescue center in Guatemala, with her family 30 years ago. She also founded Kame, a nonprofit dedicated to transforming the human spirit through use of alternative therapies, and facilitates sustainability workshops and earth-healing ceremonies.

“Mayan cosmology is not a religion or a dogma. It’s a way of living with heart of sky, heart of earth, heart of water, heart of fire,” Nan Shuni says. “The development of the great ancient Mesoamerican civilizations and their sacred inner Knowledge is rooted in the sacramental use of psychedelics. They say that Los Niño’s Santos are the greatest privilege given to us humans by our creator and former to help us evolve and cure the sick lost soul.”

Nan Shuni has been awarded a Cosmic Sister’s Women of The Psychedelic Renaissance grant to present at Spirit Plant Medicine Conference 2020.(@CosmicSister)