Lunch Hour ‘Mini-workshop’: Healing Chronic Illness with Amazonian Medicines.

Rama Achala bio picRama ( is the first and only advanced IAKP Kambo practitioner in Canada. She’s an Intuitive healer supporting healing from chronic illness as well as plant medicine integration, and an author and speaker. Rama founded an integrative health center with 25 doctors and practitioners of Western medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Colon hydrotherapy, I.V. treatments, Yoga, and other alternative healing modalities. She’s had the honour of learning from great teachers such as Gabor Maté, Brian Weiss, Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, First Nation Chiefs, Traditional Shamans from the Yawanawa Tribe, and many more. Rama is a medicine carrier of the sacred Rapé (Ha-Pay), Sananga and Kambo Medicines. She facilitates retreats, private groups and medicine circles throughout North America and Costa Rica.

Rama’s Story:

Over 10 years ago Rama was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after MRI’s showed lesions in her brain and spine. She was told by doctors that she would have to be on pharmaceutical injections every week for the rest of her life or risk waking up blind, deaf, or paralyzed. Against the advice of numerous neurologists, Rama went in search of alternative ways of healing. She knew there was more to this diagnosis than just the symptoms that had manifested in her body – that it came from somewhere deeper that was calling for attention. After many Ayahuasca, Sananga, Rapé (Ha-Pay) and Kambo journeys with shamans from the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil and Columbia, Rama emerged with what she can only describe as a DNA, Past-Life, Cellular Cleanse; new knowledge and understandings of love andcompassion for herself, others, and the world around her.

In 2014 Rama was in and out of the hospitals in Costa Rica and after many tests and visits to neurologists, was told she was having an M.S. relapse. But she always believed that once the dis-ease no longer served a deeper purpose, the diagnosis would be reversed through her healing process and without pharmaceuticals. In 2015, and after working with Sacred Amazonian Medicines for 3 years, Rama was told she was no longer diagnosed with M.S. Her MRI’s showed no new lesions and the old lesions had shrunk or disappeared.

Rama believes that illness and dis-ease in the body is a great gift and that each of us has the ability to heal ourselves. She believes these manifestations are calling for our attention to dive deeper into parts of ourselves for healing. They’re gifts that connect us back to our soul’s purpose. She believes that these sacred medicines can help unlock the truth within us and support in healing ourselves, humanity, and our planet.