Robin Flynn and Darcy Kopas are devoted assistants and advocates for the sacred plant teacher Huachuma (San Pedro). As holistic mentors, guides, and teachers of the sacred arts and spiritual technology of the Pachakuti Mesa, their work is based in the reverent application of cross cultural shamanism to co-create numinous containers of empowerment, resource, and healing. With the blessings and sanction of their elders, they are bridging the vast ancient (yet very much alive) wisdom of Andean Paqokuna and Huachuma Kamaska curanderismo within the dynamic evolutionary waves of the emergent global entheogenic renaissance. This bridge building is a syncretic and integral path which empowers each individual to become the “Shaman” of their own healing journey, through guided, sincere, and authentic practice.  Darcy and Robin, work in sacred partnership to bring forth these teachings and ceremonies for personal and planetary healing. 

For the last 14 years Robin and Darcy have been students in pure dedication to the ceremonial healing arts and master plant teachers of the Amazon, Andes of Peru, and beyond. The “medicine” can only be learned “by doing” and this path of study has brought them to work with elders and wisdom keepers from North and South America. Through profound grace, they were brought to the teachings of Don Oscar Miro-Quesada and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. As trained Huachmeros this plant spirit is their primary guide, although also have in-depth ceremonial experience with the master teacher plants coca, ayahuasca, peyote, wilka/yopo, “los santitos” aka psilocybin mushrooms, tobacco and cannabis. 

Robin and Darcy are the originators and guides of Nuna Kallpa Empowerment which is a healing and mentorship program to assist in the integral embodiment of ceremonial plant spirit medicine work. They facilitate healing retreats and pilgrimages each year in Peru. For those called to greater service within the entheogenic renaissance they teach cross-cultural shamanism and the mystical ways of the Andes through the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition in Canada.

Robin holds a B.A. in Eco-psychology from Naropa University and M.A. in Good and Sustainable Communities from Northern Arizona University. In 2008 she wrote her Master’s thesis “Entheogenic Soul Evolutions: The Ceremonial Use of Huachuma and Ayahuasca by Westerners”. This was the first thesis in the state of Arizona on these entheogens. Since this time all of her learning has been in the school of “ceremony”, through direct practice, application, and apprenticeship.

For the last 25 years Darcy has been passionately researching the fields of holistic health, alternative medicine, spiritual healing, and human potential. His experience as an energy medicine practitioner and sensitive shamanic guide, give him a unique perspective in the role of grounded ceremonial practice and entheogenic skillful means.