Dr Ligia Rocio Alarcón G. 

PhD in Ethnopharmacology UCL (UK)

Director of the IAMOE Centre in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Ethnopharmacologist, ethnobotanist, curandera. She has spent over 40 years working with ethnic groups in the tropical rain forest and the Andes Mountains of Ecuador as well as the Basque Country, Spain. She offers workshops in UK, Ireland, Portugal, USA, etc.  She practices and teaches about shamanic healing ceremonies, a knowledge that she received via the lineage of her mother and grandmother who were born in the Andes of Ecuador, the place where she was born too, at the foot of the Pichincha volcano. Her interests are the practices with master plants and the techniques of healing ceremonies in Ecuador, and research about ethnobotany and biodiversity. She offers workshops for different organisations around the world. Website: www.iamoe.org

Rocio has been awarded a Cosmic Sister’s Women of The Psychedelic Renaissance grant to present at Spirit Plant Medicine Conference 2020. (@CosmicSister)