Gillian-MaxwellGillian Maxwell will talk about her sexual healing through the use of plant based medicine, particularly how she has let go of old stories and consequent patterns that were deeply embedded in her psyche. As a result she has transformed her relationship with her husband and no longer lives with a limiting narrative about who she is and how she operates/functions in the world. From this personal process, Gillian became aware that her old story around sexuality had not only impeded her intimate relationships with men, it got in the way of most interactions with men. She had created distance and distrust, with little chance of love and empathy. She will discuss what she has learned about claiming her own power in her inner world, and therefore not having to make men wrong, and explore how she sees this translates to women and men on a global scale.

Everywhere we look there is evidence of men dominating women: the perpetrator and the victim. An endless cycle. Gillian suggests that this imbalance of male and female energy can be corrected, one woman at a time, as they take responsibility for healing themselves, offering love in the place of blame.


Gillian Maxwell is based in Vancouver and is an experienced coach and facilitator, public speaker, and has been dedicated to the reform of drug policies nationally and internationally since 1999. She is a board member of MAPS Canada (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), and a proud recipient of the 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for community service in introducing harm reduction to Vancouver and advocating for INSITE, North America’s first supervised injection site.
Gillian’s passion is to work with people to realise their innate potential, empowering them in taking action that makes a profound contribution to their lives and the lives of others.

She has extensive experience over a decade of working with entheogens in a ceremonial and traditional context, and brings this depth of knowledge, along with innate intuition and wisdom to her work as an Integration Coach where she helps people interpret peak and cathartic experiences to bring clarity and empowerment.