Building Resilience: Medicine Practices for Navigating Climate Crisis


Selma Holden, M.D., M.P.H. is an integrative family physician who offers legal psychedelic assisted therapy for individuals and groups at the Riverbid Clinic in Portland, Maine.  She is a fourth generation female physician born into a legacy of medicine in the US that simultaneously holds the wonders of science and technology along with the wounds of colonialism, patriarchy and her culture’s disconnection from the immaterial mysteries.


Selma’s background in harm reduction raised her awareness of the traumatic histories that so many people share, which guided her clinical training, research and public service.  She is an associate professor at the University of New England’s College of Osteopathic Medicine and serves on the advisory board for Decriminalize Maine.  Her prior publications focused on maternal wellness, opioid use disorder and the use of psychedelics in the general US population.  She is the site investigator for MAPS expanded access clinical trial and is also investigating how group ketamine therapy could alleviate compassion fatigue and improve psycho-spiritual development.
Selma’s steps are led by a deep gratitude for the privileges she’s received and a committed responsibly towards serving this beautiful Earth and all of its beings.
Selma received a Cosmic Sister Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance Award in support of this presentation. Thank you Cosmic Sister (@CosmicSister).