Solana promotes Native American and Alaska Native traditional teachings using multiple healing modalities such as: Traditional Canoe Family Skipper, Speaker/Doer of Ancient  knowings,  Traditional Ceremonies, Traditional artist, hunter & gatherer ,traditional medicine keeper, Family violence and Recovery Specialist,  Generational Brain-spotting Practitioner, Somatic Archeology Practitioner, First Foods’ and Lactation Educator, Birth and Death work, Storytelling or first narratives and her Positive Interconnectedness model.  

Join Stephen Gray and Marc Caron as they speak to Solana Booth, one of the outstanding presenters at the upcoming Virtual spirit Plant Medicine Conference.

“Remembering Mother’s Breath” with Solana Booth

Solana is enrolled into the Nooksack Nation of the Chief Dan George Family and Mohawk from Bay Quinte where the peacekeeper was born, White Owl House of the Wolf Clan. Her Paternal association is Tsymsyan of the Violet Booth Family, Raven Clan. She is a mother of nine and Grandmother of two baby girls. Her children are also members of the Tsymsyan, Tlingit, Haida, Pawnee, Nooksack, Mohawk of Bay Quinte, Lakota and Dakota Nations. Solana graduated with honors in the field of Early Childhood Special Education. Then was immersed as a bona fide perinatal, prenatal, post-natal psychology practitioner and lactation and birth-work educator. Naturally she’s a first foods advocate, somatic archeology and generational brain spotting practitioner. Solana is an Advocate of Sacred Principal Consultant for Tribal Whole-health care, Historical/generational Trauma Recovery Training(s) for Health and Human Services work Native American and First Nation Tribes, Health Care Providers and Private organizations, Family and Survivor Violence Recovery Facilitation, Drug and Alcohol Recovery Development(s), Perinatal/Prenatal/Postnatal programming, Training/teaching adult learners of Historical Traumas, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion practices, Bio decoding Indigenous Relationships, Mother’s Breath and Indigenous Plant Medicine Advocacy  (including Entheogen species) Teachers and restoring relationships, Both traditional and contemporary Storytelling, Innovative Technology Program writing, Documentary film making, teaches many modalities of art, creating community gardens in local food deserts. She currently is aspiring to open her own All-Relationship Recovery Center while soliciting legislation in her advocacy to Decriminalize Nature while finishing her Documentary, “Native American and Alaska Native Birth Stories”.      

Solana has been awarded a Cosmic Sister’s Women of The Psychedelic Renaissance grant to present at Spirit Plant Medicine Conference 2020. (@CosmicSister)