MargueriteRigoglioso0346LoResWEB_smThat title is a somewhat obscure (and slightly lighthearted) way of referring to a key development in work with the sacramental medicines. It might also be termed “the return of the sacred feminine”. As we all know, the wisdom and power of women has been severely throttled on this planet for a long time. But it hasn’t always been like that in all places. For example, a number of serious scholars have determined that women were very important and highly regarded in the spiritual and healing work of ancient Greece.

The ancient Greeks are also known to have been master pharmacologists and the high priestesses of the time are believed to have made skillful use of a variety of medicinal and sometimes highly psychoactive plants.

Many of us now understand that an essential and central aspect of the healing of humanity and the planet altogether is a re-cognition and re-honouring of the wisdom of the sacred feminine. This rebalancing is intimately intertwined with recovering our lost connection to the Earth and to the totality of life. As Ojibway elder Megisi said, “The women emerging are the hearts of the nations.”

It’s as if the buried scrolls are being uncovered and unrolled and long suppressed wisdom energies are coming out from the shadows. This moment, right now, feels like a time of major openings and for that reason there will be the strongest yet contingent of women presenting at the 2015 Spirit Plant Medicine Conference. We’ll feature some of these wisdom carries and innovators in future posts. For the moment, you may want to wander over to the Guides and Visionaries 2015 page on the conference website and read the bios of visionaries like Marguerite Rigoglioso and Annie Oak.

Marguerite Rigoglioso is a scholar, teacher, mystic, and healer who embodies this archetype. You might say she’s a lineage holder of the ancient oracular, healing, high priestess tradition. Annie Oak is a pioneer in bringing the sacred feminine out of the shadows. Among her many accomplishments she is the founder of the seminal Women’s Visionary Congress.

As of this writing in late May we’re also in discussion with several other brilliant women (and men) so please keep checking the Guides and Visionaries 2015 page.