Pre & Post Conference Events & Radio Interviews

ayahuasca_visionWe are excited to be offering additional gatherings to the amazing Spirit Plant Medicine Conference.  We believe connecting with people of similar interests is good for your health. We hope you can join us and share the joy for the upcoming events!

We are also offering free lectures from some of our speakers before the conference on Co-op radio (CFRO 100.5 FM in Vancouver) lined up with two feature presenters. If you can’t catch them live they will be posted on the Conscious Living Radio page.


Post Conference Events:

A talk by Maritin A Lee: Therapeutics and Holistic Healing with Cannabis ONLY $20

vccTuesday, Nov 1st, 2016

Time: Doors open @7:30. Lecture begins 8 pm to 10 pm

Location: Eternal Abundance, 1025 Commercial Drive,Vancouver BCmartin a lee

Martin A. Lee is the co-founder and director of Project CBD, an educational service that reports on cannabis science, therapeutics and political economy. A widely published writer, Lee is the author of Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana – Medical, Recreational and Scientific, winner of the American Botanical Council’s James A. Duke Award for Excellence in Botanical Literature. Lee is also co-founder of the media watch group FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting) and the author of Acid Dreams: The CIA, the Sixties and Beyond and The Beast Reawakens. His articles have appeared in Rolling Stone, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The Nation, Harper’s, Le Monde Diplomatique and many other publications. Lee has been a guest on more than 300 TV and radio talk shows and his work has been featured in several dozen documentary films. He has lectured at numerous universities and colleges in the United States and elsewhere.

Tickets are only $20. Advanced online ticket purchase is recommended. Seating is limited to 40 guests only.


Friday, November 25th 2016; PSYCHEDELIC PSYCHOTHERAPY: Tools To Transcend Old Paradigms

Time: Doors open @6:30pm. Event runs from 7 pm to 9 pmThe Feminine

Location: Empower Health Clinic~ #208, 2555 Commercial Drive

Details: Have you been interested in learning more about DMT? What about 5 MEO DMT? If so, you may be interested in the educational event we are offering!

Details: If you heard stories about a compound that can provide you the understanding to tease apart the blind-spots you have assumed about yourself and reality, would you suspend your disbelief and take it?

In this open talk Dr. Gerardo Sandonval and Natasha English will offer insights and groundbreaking applications with this endogenous medicine. This Entheogen is a chemical compound that serves a specific function in our body, and it must be used with great care under appropriate, prep, set, setting. We will discuss the various practices around the world with this medicine, and how we both discovered our unique methods of working with the 5 Me0 Dmt.

Since this compound has now found it’s way into popular culture, we have a responsibility to educate others about using the medicine in a conscious way. Without proper guidance, it opens people up to the possibility of danger and or harm. This event is to provide conscious support and guidance with working with these medicines.

Tryptamines have again emerged as drug candidates for managing treatment of anxiety, clinical depression, cluster headaches and substance abuse disorders. Pharmacological studies are essential to tryptamine drug development to allow researchers to better understand the therapeutic efficacy of natural tryptamines, like psilocybin and DMT’s, and their synthetic analogs in treating disease.

One of these tryptamines is an extremely powerful neurotransmitter that produces radical transformation in perception. While this medicine is is often spoken about as being “magical,” it is not a “magic bullet.” This medicine allows for the opportunity to truly get beyond the confines of your ego to examine the mental and emotional habituated patterns and assumed misconceptions we cling to, as you encounter yourself in your immediate and infinite nature.natasha


Natasha English, Nondual / Transpersonal Point Therapist, with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC.  Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development. In her practice she employs a pragmatic process of psychosynthesis and entheogenic medicine. This combination assists her clients to attune and harmonize to their own natural rest, and to discover an inner template of wholeness and self acceptance, free of mental maps, metaphysics, and speculation.

Dr. Gerardo Sandoval Isaac, MD OBGyN from Guadalajara, Mexico, author of the book “The God Molecule”, is a pioneer in the use of Toad Medicine ceremonies with over 2,000 sessions worldwide. He travels as he ambassador for the Sonoran Desert Toad, to raise consciousness about the protection of this marvelous amphibious being, and to share the proper administration of this sacrament and raise funds to create the Bufo Alvarius Sanctuary in Mexico.

Tickets are only $20. Advanced online ticket purchase is recommended. Seating is limited to 30 guests only.


Radio Interview Schedule

All shows begin Wednesday at 6 pm PST on 100.5 FM or for archives go to Conscious Living Radio

tomOctober 12th, 6 pm: Tom Hatsis- Tom Hatsis is a writer, educator, and historian with a master’s degree in history from Queens College. The host of the website, he has presented his research at several U.S. universities, including Yale, and published articles in the psychedelics journal Psypress U.K. He lives in New York. Tom will be speaking about how during medieval times certain wise-women worshiped specifically female deities held over from the days of Ancient Rome by ingesting psychoactive substances that put them into a deep trance so as to experience spirit flight. It was this particular form of worship that some theologians would use as the foundation for what later generations would call a “witches’ ointment.”


October 19th, 6 pm: Robyn Lawrence-Robyn Griggs Lawrence is sharing the tremendous health and wellness benefits of Cannabis with the world. She envisions a world in which cannabis grows freely and organically everywhere and no one is ever persecuted or imprisoned for possessing this sacred plant.

As laws around the world are relaxed and prohibition comes to an end, cannabis is emerging as a medicinal superfood with exponential possibilities for healing. But challenges remain. Because the industry is still largely unregulated, consumers often have no idea how their cannabis is grown (all too often with lawn chemicals) and processed (all too often with butane). We must advocate for sustainable grown, responsibly marketed cannabis and show consumers why that matters. Those of us who love the plant must stand up for her evolution as a natural medicine and superfood—without adulteration—just as we fought for organic food standards in the 1990s. We can preserve this sacred plant’s spirit from over-manipulation and adulteration, but advocacy and education are key.


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