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ayahuasca_visionWe are excited to be offering additional gatherings to the amazing Spirit Plant Medicine Conference.  Connecting and meeting with new people who share the same love for plant medicines is a part of the vision for this conference 🙂 We hope you can join us and share the joy for the upcoming unique and inspiring events!

We are also offering free lectures from some of our speakers before the conference on Co-op radio (CFRO 100.5 FM in Vancouver) lined up with two feature presenters. If you can’t catch them live they will be posted on the Conscious Living Radio page.


Additional Conference Events and Workshops:


Title: The Theogens: Generating Divinity with Psychedelics”
Presented by:Tom Hatsis
Date:During the conference lunch break Saturday November 4th
Cost:Included in conference tickets at no extra charge
Part of the current psychedelic Renaissance includes reclaiming our Western entheogenic traditions. Earlier endeavours yielded new terms in the mid 20th century like “psychedelic” and “entheogenic” that allowed the conversation surrounding these plant medicines to mushroom into new research and understanding of human consciousness, culture, spirituality, and art.
The time has come to add to the vocabulary of this Renaissance. Join the brilliant and always entertaining Tom Hatsis, author of The Witches’ Ointment, as he introduces new words to the psychedelic lexicon. Such words like “poetigen” (using psychedelics to fire the artistic mind) and “somnitheogen” (generating the gods in dreams) and many more “Theogens” will be discussed alongside colourful historical examples to demonstrate the long history of these traditions.
Title:Local Plant Dietas-an introduction to meeting herbal allies based on practices from Amazonian vegetalismo”
Presented by: Sonja Myllymaki
Date:During the conference lunch break Saturday November 4th
Cost:Included in conference tickets at no extra charge
 Workshop Description:
This workshop will be an introduction to the practice of plant diets and offer ways to start dieting local plants, informed by the Amazonian tradition. We will discuss the role of psychoactive plant medicine in the traditional context as well as alternatives to ayahuasca and ways of dieting without entheogens. I will be sharing from a perspective of seeing and relating with plants as teachers and speak about various ways of approaching and establishing this relationship. This will include ways to come into direct perception of a plant through sitting with or journeying with a plant; ways of seeing plant signatures; and some of the many ways a plant might communicate with you. I will share from an herbalist’s perspective how one might go about choosing (or being chosen by) a plant to diet, and practical ways to conduct a dieta in a safe, powerful, and self-directed way. I’ll also share a list of resources that I have found helpful in this exploration.  

Sonja Myllymaki has been learning and practicing shamanic plant medicine for the past ten years, primarily within several Shipibo-Conibo vegetalismo lineages, but also working ceremonially with a number of different plant medicine traditions from Mexico and Peru. She has studied Western herbalism with Sajah Popham. Michael Cottingham, Scott Kloos, and Darcey Blue French, and has completed a three year herbalism training with Robert Rogers and Laurie Szott-Rogers in Edmonton, Alberta. Since starting to diet within the vegetalismo tradition, she has been applying this practice to her study and engagement with local plants and has actively sought out ways to translate this knowledge to a local context. She is a biodynamic craniosacral therapist and teaches butoh dance. Shloves wildcrafting, vocal improvisation and ceremonial work and continues to find herself so happy and grateful to be exploring healing and creativity in the realms in and between bodywork, movement, voice work, shamanic practices, and plant medicine. 


Psychedelic Comedy Dinner

Location: TBD

Date: Sat. Nov. 4th

Time: 7:30 to 10:30

Tickets: $88 (includes dinner)

At this year’s Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (SPMC) we’ve added a very special event on the evening of Saturday November 4. The Psychedelic Comedy Dinner will be an intimate (80 people max) evening of great company, great food, and great humour with some of the funniest people around, providing a delightful opportunity to enjoy the lighter (but still honest and true) side of work with entheogens—a little “cosmic relief” from the more serious work of the conference.

Chris Kilham ( has been dubbed by CNN “The Indiana Jones of natural medicine” (flattery he waves off.) Chris will be our psychedelic comedy host for the evening. He’s a presenter at the SPMC for the second consecutive year and a very funny guy in his own right.






Shane Mauss ( has been taking America on a hilarious,  irreverent, revealing ride with his wildly successful “100 City Psychedelic Comedy Tour.” According to the Austin Chronicle, the show is, “As deep and fascinating as it gets, this is a gut-busting piece of stand-up comedy.” And Rick Doblin, founder and executive director of MAPS, said, “Shane’s show is a sign of the maturation of the psychedelic community, now we can laugh at ourselves . . . plus it’s hilarious.”

Adam Strauss ( recently completed a held-over run of his one-man comedy show “The Mushroom Cure” at The Marsh San Francisco from April 19 to July 1. Time Out New York made the show a Critics’ Pick and called it, “Riveting…. A true-life tour de force.” Talkin’ Broadway described it as, “A miracle of a show and a must-see.”

Additional performers: We’re in discussion with a couple of local comedians/theatre artists who may be added to the bill for the evening. Stay tuned for updated information.


SPMC After-Party

Location: TBD

Date: Sun. Nov. 5th

Time: 7:30 until our host kicks us out.

Tickets: $88 advance tickets or $100 if purchased at the event (includes dinner, treats and mingling with presenters and organizers)

Description: This is our third year hosting an after-party on the Sunday evening following the conference. Many last year  said the after-party was the highlight of the weekend 🙂

*Please note that space for the after-party is limited. Advance ticket purchase is highly recommended.


More events coming soon…


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