At – Eze Mission Statement

PTSD sufferers helping PTSD sufferers find their way to a healthier lifestyle.

John has been microdosing for many years. He wears a pacemaker, has a prosthetic leg from the knee down (it had been torn off at the knee when an oncoming SUV crossed the center line and hit his motorcycle head on). He has had way too many operations to fathom, and has already died more than once. John had learned about psilocybin and microdosing and how the psilocybin would compress the amygdala from generating the “Fight, Flight, Fawn or Freeze” emotion and was blending mushrooms into chocolates. He was hand crafting chocolates with 1 gram of mushrooms (Golden Teachers) in each chocolate. That way he was able to microdose by cutting them into 4 (approx .250mg) or 8 (approx .125mg) mushrooms.

Steve had struggled with his mental health for years and had at different times, medical labels (ADD, ADHD, OCD, Clinically Depressed & even Suicidal). He had been on the medications that went along with those labels. Steve in 2018 got an official diagnosis of PTSD (later to be found CPTSD). That was the beginning of his search for healing and vowing he would find a way out of “Mental Health Hell!”

He buried himself in learning everything he could about PTSD. He read published medical studies, news articles, military documents, Reddit Blogs, personal blogs and researched everything he could about it & the brain, the effects of PTSD on the brain, dissociation and causation, and current healing methods, successes and various modalities.

After many months and 100’s of hours of research he noticed the words “Microdosing” and “Psilocybin” were appearing regular in the PTSD communities, Reddit, various PTSD and Mental health blogs, the plant medicine community. People were talking about the benefits of not just psilocybin but of Wild Mushrooms like Red Reishi, Chaga and Lions Mane, being shown in studies to stimulate neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. Some of the more extreme brain function / neuro enhancement type sites were reviewing other adaptogens, nootropics and amino acids.

Steve was already familiar with many of the plant adaptogens, wild mushrooms and psilocybin so he put together a blend of mushrooms & adaptogens (John and Steve would later call it At-Eze – The original blend) and proceeded to start his “Human Trials”. After a few tweaks he developed the one that was doing exactly what he had believed it should do. It stopped his PTSD attacks, it stopped his panic attacks and it made his anxiety and depression almost non-existent. One day he was sitting with his friend John talking about PTSD and his microdoses.

They discussed the new blend with the added adaptogens and how the added neuro-enhancers & immunomodulators, could aid with neurogenesis by stimulating the healing of the brains damaged pathways. Psilocybin has been shown to allow for enhanced neuroplasticity while lighting up 100’s of new neuropathways. At the same time it is compressing the fear signal generation of the amygdala. John decided to try them out and see if he found any relief or healing from them for himself. He found they were life changing for him.

Steve was having great success with using them and was taking them while discussing the use and effects with his psychiatrist. The only medications he was using was the microdoses and cannabis products. (oils, creams, extracts, thc, cbd, cannabis flower).

John and Steve and a few other PTSD sufferers used the mix with what they felt was good success. After discussing their findings, they decided it needed to be shared with other PTSD Sufferers and that is how it became At-Eze. They found it would make them more at-ease and calm while instigating neurogenesis and brain repair but helping with cognitive enhancement. As research and studies continued a couple of other mixes were created. One to rest easier and sleep better on, and the Lions Mane mix that has now become a very popular one because of the studies showing it’s ability to promote neuroplasticity, neurogenesis, and heal nerve endings. They are both doing their own human trials and are happy to share their stories. If they can help inspire healing and show there is light at the end of the dark tunnels called PTSD & Depression they are more than happy to share.

It is not a quick fix, it is slow and steady, healing always is. It is not for everybody, and it will not work for everybody. But it will work for some, and if it can help even one person that is suffering from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety & Panic Attacks then they feel it is their moral obligation to provide hope and healing where possible.

**Anyone thinking about microdosing should consult a professional** **Anyone thinking about microdosing should check on legality of substance to be microdosed in their area.

**We do not promote the use of illegal substances for recreational purposes!**