Sagan Bolliger and Helena Zhu are two heart-centred and grounded earthlings who are passionate about being of service in helping fellow human beings as they take the journey back to their hearts. We have devoted our lives to facilitating private 5-MeO-DMT journeys full-time over the past two years, a work we approach from a place of presence, compassion, acceptance, and love. We are delighted to share our first public-facing 5-MeO-DMT retreat this winter, where we will host three small group earth medicine ceremonies nestled between the ocean and the forest. 
At the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, we look forward to sharing about our work, connecting with colleagues and community, and selling our soy wax jar candles and beeswax candles, which we hope will bring light and joy to homes and ceremonies alike.
We live between Vancouver and Bowen Island, BC and run two monthly community circles, one for psychedelic journeyers and the other for psychedelic facilitators, which we welcome you to check out.
Sagan is also a Community Leader in the Flying Sage psychedelic community. Helena also co-hosts Vancouver Women in Psychedelics Meetups.