About us

Eternal Abundance is proud to be an all-organic grocer and vegan cafe, and we have strong ethics around the food we derive from the soil, put into our own bodies and serve to members of the community. We prioritize local and fair trade whenever possible, and seek out direct purchasing relationships with local farmers and artisan producers. We strive to provide a space for exploration of healthy living, through providing affordable, top quality, cruelty-free wholefood organic food for home preparation or in-house enjoyment; food preparation classes on preparing raw & cooked plant-based meals; literature on various healthy living topics; as well as hosting numerous community events.

Why organic?

We only serve and sell certified organic products, wild harvest specialty items and occasionally some non-certified urban organic foods

We want clean air, water, and soil, which support healthy bodies and communities. We reject the nasty chemicals used in conventional agriculture.
We want farm workers and the other non-human farm life (soil microbes, insects, bees, birds, etc.) to be healthy when they work to provide nourishment, not sick from prolonged chemical exposure.
We support an industry that cares about the long-term health and fertility of the soil; waterway and air quality; and the health of the farmer and consumer, not one that profits off harmful chemicals (pharmaceutical industry included).
We want our tax dollars to go towards a better world, not towards cleaning up polluted land and waterways, or paying for the healthcare system and the explosion of cancer and other agriculture-related diseases.

Yes, conventional food is much cheaper at the store, but at what expense in the long term?

Why vegan?

We only serve and sell vegan foods – plant-based foods not derived from the body, by-product or suffering of animalsOur Philosophy

There are so many plant-based foods that nourish just as well, if not better, than animal-based foods.
Plants have a much lower environmental impact than animal agriculture.
We extend love and compassion into our food, and including animal flesh doesn’t fit. No animal should endure a lifestyle that is focused solely on profit, not love, respect, and compassion.

Why local?

We need nourishing food, and the most nourishing food comes from local farms, where it has retained maximum nutrition because it hasn’t endured hours (or days) in a refrigerated truck (or ship or airplane).
Local food also travels fewer miles, decreasing our reliance on oil, road/shipping infrastructure, etc.
And perhaps most importantly, we need to support local food to have food now and into the future. Supporting local organic farming means building a local organic farming knowledge and skill base and agricultural infrastructure, and maintaining the wonderful soils of the Fraser Delta, Valley and beyond to feed us, not house or entertain us, or contribute to our fashion sense.