Get Lit & Friends is a group of makers from the heart of British Columbia, we are a diverse collection of herbalists, but we all share a love of foraging and plant medicine. All ingredients are grown or wildcrafted in BC.
Get Lit has THC Infused Massage oil and Lube, P. Cubensis Concentrated Extract, Trippy Teas Plant Ally Blends, and [Immune] Booster Shots, Elderberry and Rosehip based tonic to support immune function. Get Lit will also be offering a Custom Blend Microdose Bar, where plant allies can be blended to create a custom formula for your specific needs!  @getlitwinlaw
Magdalena Moon has sent her Rose Empress Tincture, a flower essence with 7 types of Rose, Chamomile and Motherwort, infused over several months in ceremony and lunar rituals in the Slocan Valley. This heart opening formula has a powerful vibration and must be experienced to be understood! @magdalenamoondoula
Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals has been at the SPMC before. Patrick is an experienced wildcrafter and herbalist from Nelson, BC, and offers a wide catalogue of herbal formulas. He has sent a selection of his more popular blends, such as the Three Lotus and the Neural Network, along with some of his more obscure and unusual plant formulas! @bluelotusethnobotanicals
Thirteen Moons Apothecary from Summerland BC is sending a selection of her formulas, one of the medicines we are most excited to share is Nettle Seed, which has been showing promise as a mild stimulant and nervine, having impact on ADHD, but also recently being used to treat a vaccine-related paralysis injury. She is also offering her flower essences for blending at the microdose bar! @summerlandherbalist
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