Mark and Robyn are pioneers in the plant medicine community and have served iboga for 10 years. They are each Bwiti initiates, along with having completed the powerful Rites of Passage in the villages of Gabon, Africa. Mark specializes in providing iboga root bark, as well as its total alkaloid extract, through the lens of the Bwiti spiritual tradition. Trained  by shamans of West Africa, Mark holds a deep-rooted integrity to uphold these traditions in the western world. He spent nearly five years in Vancouver, BC with his team treating hundreds of people in medically supervised sessions using specific rituals and ceremonies to heal the body, mind and soul. Robyn is a healer, spiritual guide, integration coach and specializes in ancestral divination. She is a humble servant of the medicine and guides her clients back towards themselves and their own inner wisdom. She has an intimate knowledge of the Bwiti tradition and touches upon the ancient art of Dagara ancestral divination as taught by the late Elder Malidoma Somé.

Mark and the Iboga Soul team are featured in the award winning documentary Dosed (2019) that captures the story of a young woman looking to relieve herself from the suffering that comes with opiate addiction through plant medicines.