Liz Leia is a spiritual mentor, artist, writer, witch, activist, sound weaver and intuitive healer. Her writing and work explores themes of mythology, mysticism and the body. She uses archetypal wisdom and her own experiences and healing of trauma, disability and chronic illness as catalysts for spiritual awakening and individual and collective healing. Her work examines the intersections of social justice, spirituality, shamanism, ecofeminism, psychedelic and ecstatic experiences, sacred sexuality and more.

Liz’s mission on this planet is to help reclaim and reawaken the spirit of the Divine Feminine, raise the earth’s vibration, and facilitate accessible, trauma-informed and anti-oppressive spiritual healing for others. Guided by the moon, she acts as a facilitator of mystical experiences, hosting rituals and moon circles for women, trans and non-binary folks as well as other events. She uses the healing power of sound through instruments and her voice as vibrational medicine, shamanic journeying, somatic focusing, dreamwork, narrative practice techniques, deep listening
and her intuition to guide her.

As a Spiritual Guide, her goal is to walk alongside you in your journey to reconnect with Spirit, and help you reclaim the power of your own divine nature – that exists within each and every one of us. She acts as a Cosmic Doula, guiding you through the process of your spiritual rebirth by assisting in grounding and integrating your ecstatic and mystical experiences into your daily life.

In addition to training as a Spiritual Director at the Transformational Arts College, she has completed training in Psychospiritual Coaching, Narrative Therapy, Counselling Skills, Sound Healing, Sound Reiki Level I and II and holds a Bachelor’s degree and college diploma in Media Studies and Public Relations. She has completed a Goddess Cycle apprenticeship with the School of Hebrew Shamanism, and is currently completing her Cosmic Sexuality practitioner training, and has over 12 years of experience learning and working various with plant medicines. She spent 10 years working in the not-for-profit industry with various organizations, focusing on environmental justice, mental health, social justice and ending violence against women, before discovering and stepping fully onto her own spiritual path and her mission to help others reawaken and come home to themselves.