Our foray into chocolate began by necessity. Access to pain relief to offset the injuries sustained in a car accident in 2013 compelled us to try ingesting cannabis. It was our fondness for chocolate and a desire to offer high-quality products that propelled us to become chocolatiers. In the years to follow we created a unique line of unparalleled, award winning chocolates. We are two chocolatiers with a mission to provide the highest quality edibles, in the form of gourmet chocolate.

We believe in cannabis and Psilocybin mushrooms as medicine especially in the necessity for opioid alternatives, as well as other pharmaceutical drugs and the right of the individual to access it in any form. Our goal is to combat the stigma still associated with these extraordinary plants and encourage people to be stewards of their own health.

We combine the finest local and imported ingredients to bring you the most extraordinary handmade vegan truffles. We begin with 70% cacao, dark Columbian Chocolate purchased in direct trade with farmers. It is the exquisite flavour of Fino de Aroma cacao that perfectly balances with the sweet creaminess of our nut-based truffle filling. It’s rich chocolate taste has delicate fruit undertones and a sweet floral aroma.

Email: nobodyschocolates@gmail.com